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Thread: Professional business should not trust free hosting

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    I've been around for more than 5 years searching for free hosting, observing comments and complains on them, and trying myself. I was having more than a dozen free hosting account from more than a dozen provider across the planet so I know first hand that they all have the same, exactly the same, behavior regardless what they say in their promotional pages:
    (1) They will kick you out from their service once you have enough traffic to profit their business elsewhere. Your website might still be running well, but no longer yours. So, you loose your design and development, and customers too;
    (2) If your account suspended, don't bother to ask an access to download or migrate your files to another server. Instead of granting you that kind of access, they put all the blame on you (TOS violation, your script caused CPU overload, warez, copyrighted materials, etc. )
    (3). Don't bother to submit a support ticket from helpdesk, it takes forever to have their reply

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    I guess you have had some bad hosts, but don't group them ALL together. They are not all alike, regardless of what you state. I have had hosting from Namepad for well over 4 yrs, and have had not one complaint. I have also had several paid hosts that after I send my cash, a month later they fold, leaving me out of a years worth of hosting and cash. Does that make all paid hosts the same? No it doesn't.

    Please list some of these hosts, but I have a strong feeling you will not post here again. Please prove me wrong.
    Too many websites I have made/changed to list lol. One of these days I will make one and stick with it

    I tell it like it is, plain and simple.

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    Not all free hosts are bad. There are some good free hosts.
    Good free hosts usually will not give you ridiculous specs, and for that reason, they will be able to sustain for very long time.

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