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Thread: Free Web Host Directory - Suggestion for a tune-up

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    Free Web Host Directory - Suggestion for a tune-up

    The FWS Free Web Host Directory used to be a major resource, however seems to be in dire need of a tune-up. There are Web Hosts who don't exist any longer who are still listed in the "Top Rated Free Hosts" and "Most Popular Free Hosts" sections. The directory information is also in great need of updating. Some of the services that are listed are no longer available. Also some of the feedback of Websites listed in the Directory is alarming and justifies investigation from both the point of view that this Web Host could be a problem or that someone is maliciously trying to harm the Web Host.

    I'd like to suggest that volunteers could be used from trusted posters at FWS. A list of Web Hosts could be allocated to each volunteer to check through. This could be done with a fixed questionnaire so as to get uniform results and prevent bias from creeping in. The tune-up could include actual registration with the Free Host to test their services according to specific criteria listed in the questionnaire. I'm almost certain that if the Web Host entries were to be quality checked like this that it would attract the attention of a higher standard of free web host as well.

    I'd think that an added bonus from the above project would be more traffic to the directory. I don't know whether any one has noticed, but in the free hosting forum that I am a member off FWS is no longer mentioned as the Directory where our services were found - in spite of us having a high rating in the Free Web Host Directory. Google free web hosting and there is only one link on the first page of the search results near the bottom of the paid research results. Perhaps some beavering in the Directory would attract added traffic and solve this problem.

    I also think the Directory may need a technical tune-up as well. As I as well as others who have tried to put up reviews or wanted to update our Directory information, have had problems with uploading our reviews or modifying our Directory Information. We have had plenty of feedback of a blank page coming up and numerous failed attempts until it finally uploaded. Perhaps the Website software needs to be updated or the database refreshed or something. I don't think people are always aware as well that they need to register before they can make a review. I'd say the reviews are a valuable resource of the directory and instead of bunching them up at the bottom of the page, they may justify a separate page that is linked to the directory listing. Together with a registration box that would make registration before writing a review much more self-evident.

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    You've got some nice suggestions there, so thanks. I think for instance the volunteer idea is good. If there is anyone who would like to help out with the directory, send me a pm or email.

    The technical tune up is in the works, but it may take some time to get that finished. So, thanks for your suggestions regarding that too. I do however think it's better to keep the reviews at the same page as the listing itself.
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    i have report many host listings that are dead or not free anymore but i dont think that anyone got my reports for remove the listings

    one suggestion from me will be to give to the hosts a nice straight do follow link also you can link the host from them title on the top of the listing page
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