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Thread: Webhosting request: Shared hosting Space: 102400 Where: USA

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    Webhosting request: Shared hosting Space: 102400 Where: USA

    Request paid web hosting
    Budget? (optional)
    Space? (optional)
    Bandwidth, traffic? (optional)
    Datacenter location? (optional)
    • USA

    Shared webhosting? VPS? Dedicated server?
    • Shared hosting/VPS

    If you are going to host special content, please describe it (for instance ----- content, video hosting etc) (optional)
    Video Hosting (mirror)
    If you require any special features, please list them here (for instance PHP, mySQL, cPanel, daily backups, parked domains) (optional)
    If there is anything else you would like to ask or let webhosts know, please put it here! (optional)

    Raised the price up to $75 max. Throw offers at me, are any of you hosts up to the challenge?

    Ended up getting a dedi. Oh well, was hoping to save a bit of money.
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