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$ Free per month
Webspace (MB)
1000-2000 MB
Bandwidth (MB/month)
10-20 GB
PHP ASP CGI/Perl SSI Python Frontpage Extensions
MySQL PostgreSQL
Host allows
  • Users can put ads on site
  • Cron jobs
  • cPanel
  • Fantastico
  • phpMyAdmin
  • .htaccess
  • Stats
  • Password protected files
  • Custom error pages
  • Backups
  • SSL
  • FTP
  • Browser
  • POP3
  • Web based
  • Forward
Ads on users pages
  • No ads
  • English
Cobranded host
Web address
  • Domain
  • Subdomain
Post 2 host
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0000free.com is a free cPanel hosting provider packed with features you will not find on other free hosts. We are focused on being the best free host available, with a cPanel server admin with 10 years experience at the helm. The service is built from the ground up to be stable and secure in a demanding free hosting environment. We have the resources to back up our service as we grow. Thanks for checking us out, and hope to see you on our growing community!
Reviews (33)
bymdislam, December 7, 2013
good web for everyone.i make this site for everyone
byMSU PASS, September 3, 2011
I just wanted to say thanks for this excellent free web hosting service. We are using this service to host a collegiate club web site for a private university in West Virgina called Mountain State University (yes we do have internet in West Virgina ;) ). While we are the largest private school in WV our IT services are not the best and they were not willing to extend to us any sort of usable web space, hence the search the led us here. Being a student run organization we have little to no operating budget so free hosting was a must. We tried a couple of other services but found them either prohibitively limited or unusably slow. So far we have been very pleased with the features, support, and speed of 0000free.com and are very happy to call this service our new online home. Thanks again to everyone that makes this service possible and we look forward to a long and successful relationship together.

One caveat is that they do not support Joomla, but I found Wordpress to be much easier CMS system to work with anyways.

Simply put, if you want excellent free hosting, look no further.

byrelook, April 11, 2011
I have just launched my website and I was looking for a free host, cause I am not ready for a paid plan as yet.

I spent many hours trying to find a free webhost which gives a usable service, till I found 0000free.com

My requirements are not very demanding but I do require multiple databases (with space more than 10MB :lol: and webspace more than 100 MB which most people are willing to give without strings attached.

Most free hosts would not pass the first filter that is the reviews that they get from users. Most other hosts had a heap of abuses from users as reviews.

Then I found one good host, but they were very miserly on resources, would not allow zip, gz files, etc and did not allow outbound connections. So the search continued and then I landed up with 0000free.com

Once I had moved to this host, I was astonished by the features that it was providing. Almost too good to believe. Cpanel without restrictions, 1gb space, enough emails with SMTP enabled.

I would recommend this host to anybody whose site is not a spam sending site. The server performance is excellent. I did have a slow database issue on one or two days, but that was resolved quickly.

All in all a very good service. As good as a paid host.
by808geek, March 27, 2011
Best free hosting I have used.
No complaints whatsoever.
Fantastico has updated scripts, other hosts I looked at have older versions.
byRayvan121, February 1, 2011
Ok... First of all I just want to say that 0000free.com is the best. They have awesome features (I haven`t found anything like this on the internet), they keep the adds low, they have an awesome cPanel and I genuinely believe that this is the best choice for free php web hosting. I want to encourage y`all to sign up for this awesome hosting: >>>>>>www.0000free.com
byAbraham Berger, December 5, 2010
I love 0000free hosting the service is fast and great with true cpanel access and cron jobs, I would recommend this to anyone looking to host a website and do some extra server work on the side.

byCelestial, November 26, 2010
Other than the fact that the owner (sysop) was immature and got in a fight with a user on the forum (and he was at fault)....I would say that this is a pretty ok service. There customer service sucks however and the owner can get pretty rude :(

-Super Sailor Admin
byKevin, November 25, 2010
They are great and free.
byNargal, November 25, 2010
I have tried quite a few free webhosts and this is by far the best one. Extremely good support and fast servers.
Excellent Host [The best Free Host]
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