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    Oversell or die

    The main problem with very cheap, high resource packages is not the the excessive disk space/bandwidth allocations you are selling, it is the type of customers you are attacting. Webhosting packages which are aimed towards people seeking very high resource allocations, will attract a higher...
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    I need a Windows VPS $40-$60

    Hi, We offer Windows VPS hosting too - http://www.jodohost.com/windows-vps.asp
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    Windows & Linux Reseller Hosting - Now with Exchange!

    Get rich, feature-packed reseller hosting plans from only $17.50/mo. Why compete on price and disk space, when you can compete on features and quality of service? JodoHost's reseller plans are backed with true 24x7x365 live support. We operate one of the largest HSphere clusters around, hosting...
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    Payment Types

    to my understanding, PayPal doesn't allow you to store CC #s and charge them.
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    Payment Types

    Credit card using a proper merchant account. We accept paypal, but it accounts for only about 16 to 17% of our payment volume.. PayPal doesn't accept transactions from a number of countries, and PayPal doesn't offer the same protections and services a bank does... With a merchant account...
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    Windows VPS Plans with Virtuozzo and Plesk!

    JodoHost offers high-powered Windows VPS plans featuring Virtuozzo and Plesk 7.5 Control Panel. Together, we offer a completely managed hosting solution WinVPS Value - $49.95/month 5000MB Disk Space 80GB Monthly Transfer 320MB of Guaranteed RAM Equal Share CPU Plesk 7.5 Control Panel...
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    Terms Of Service Help

    The TOS is copyrighted by the company. You cannot copy it word-to-word. You cannot copy entire sections. You can however take ideas on what you should have covered, and re-write the agreement in your own words
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    MB into GB

    thats primarily the SI definition of kilo which stands for 1000. But in computers, operating systems and software use KB = 1024 bytes, whether its disk storage or memory.
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    Need Windows VPS for lots of clients

    We offer Windows VPS plans: http://www.jodohost.com/windows-vps.asp
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    Why did you make a hosting company?

    I saw an opportunity back then in Windows hosting (4 years ago) due to limited competition and high prices. So it was not a hobby. But yes it was an area that interested us and we decided to put money/time into it.
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    Protecting Yourself From a DDOS Attack?

    You had a DDOS attack of 3.2 gbps hit you? Well.. I really do not know what you are talking about. Almost no CISCO router would be able to handle that. A juniper might. DDOS mitigation equipment that can handle such a large attack is priced at close to $100K. Also, getting 3.2gpbs of...
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    Server with many IP's

    From where? ARIN? Well they do not exactly sell IPs in the first place. They allocate IPs based on your needs. Also, to get something like 2000 IPs from ARIN you need to be directly getting your bandwidth from a tier-1 network (have your own connections and fiber running to your routers...
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    Server with many IP's

    2000 IP blocks?
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    Control Panel

    and who told you that? Helm is definately not the leading panel in terms of number of domains using it
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    Control Panel

    If you opinion on the future is based on how the default skin of hsphere looks that you are very short sighted. Hsphere has a number of templates. the XP/Aqua is the most popular one. HSphere is a multi-platform clustered control panel solution that is completely automated. at the moment...