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  1. The Red Guy


    <?php $new = 1; ?> <html><head></head><body> <?php echo $new; ?> </body></html> Would it print the number 1 to the screen, or would it be blank? I thought this was easier than have an entire paragraph of text. :)
  2. The Red Guy


    What does it refer to? And why is it preferred (also includes $_GLOBAL and on) :)
  3. The Red Guy


    Ok I might sound stupid or something, I just don't understand what's "vars" in something like $variable->vars['number']. Also, is the ' ' needed for arrays? Does this $variable->vars[number] do as well?
  4. The Red Guy

    Secret area of Matrix website!

    Got this from IPB forums:
  5. The Red Guy

    Scandisk error

    Whenever I try to run scandisk, it progresses smoothly until "Checking Files and Folders", when it simply freezes. Ctrl+Alt+Del will end in the blue screen saying that my computer is in a unstable mode now, please wait. Help! :(
  6. The Red Guy

    PHP4 and MySQL

    How do I install them onto my Windows ME? Any guides to start with? I tried phptriad but it was a little confusing...
  7. The Red Guy

    Many accesses?

    Hmm... I think this is general instead of computer, anyway anyone has the same situationas me, previously I get only about 5+ blocked attempts to access one of my Internet ports, but barely an hour I get 800 in an hour?? Many of those are from IP addresses starting with 81.*. Any idea? :confused:
  8. The Red Guy

    Some ideas on a problem

    Hi, I need some ideas on what I can do to make the background not so empty. Because the nature of the logo made it impossible for it to appear on smaller resolutions, I had to make the total width to < 800 pixels. But the problems arises, for 1028x768 there is a big white patch at the right hand...
  9. The Red Guy

    Matching colors

    I'm about to just put the design in place, but then I'm not too good with colors, so looking at the picture please help me by telling me the best colors to match. I've 4 tabs, but I want a bluish-grey scheme to go with the silver navigation panel. Please help! Because if I only have 3 colors I'd...
  10. The Red Guy

    The Sars thread

    Seeing that no one has started (Which I'm quite amazed, it'sa global thing now!), does any non-Asia country have it seriously? I've read a report the other day that the Sars thing is a prelude to an even bigger flu epidemic, sounds horrible.. :nervous: Plus our school is suspended, our home...
  11. The Red Guy


    Whenever I try to submit my site to dmoz.org, it always time out. Any idea on it? :(
  12. The Red Guy

    PS help!!

    Need a little help here, thanks! I'm using a 72px font, but on the image I'm working on makes the font turn out to be very small (1 or two pixels). Only at 1296 does it resemble a normal 30 px font. Any idea?
  13. The Red Guy

    My site

    I'm currently more concerned with the content, and is filling up the space. However a little feedback about the design, I know it isn't fantastic like other 3d sites, but imagine if you're just a normal anime lover. What can I do to make it more appealing? I have that weird feeling but just...
  14. The Red Guy


    Anyone can recall what command to type to choose what I want when the pc starts up? Thanks, cos I've forgotten it and want to restore a program..
  15. The Red Guy

    Last decision

    Ok guys after requesting at WHT, I've shortlisted the choices. All of them seem similar but if you've bad or good experiences with them pls let me know! :) http://www.hostultra.com/ (Starter plan) http://enhancedhost.com/index.php?sitesig=ah&page=ah_003_Web%20Hosting (AH02)...
  16. The Red Guy

    DigitalHost Network

    Anyone else with them? Also, I need some comments on their new prices: http://www.digitalhost.net/hosting.html I was on the old one, and the new silver plan looks very cool. Thanks!
  17. The Red Guy

    Jump menu

    How can I go about doing it? Help appreciated. :)
  18. The Red Guy


    Arrgggg...... on the first of Feb (if it goes accordingly) I'm gonna have my hepatitis B immunisation, 4 jabs in all, I'm dead. Any of you not afraid of injections? i aint afraid of anything, except those darn needles! :nervous:
  19. The Red Guy

    Soccer Match Thrashing

    Do you think the manager/coach should be sacked after a thrashing (i.e the malaysia thrashing of singapore 4-0, not that many s'poreans care much anyway), especially by a rival?
  20. The Red Guy


    Anyone know of the movie title whose plot goes like this: about a team going to rescue people trapped in a building poisoned with poisoned gas It's actually from a game title, and I wanna watch the movie. It's not longer than 1 year ago, and I forgot the title. Thanks.