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  1. MN-Carl

    Ad Companies

    Well. I tried searching but couldn't find anything recent. Does anyone know of any advertising companies which actually pay (preferablely by paypal) and allow free hosts to apply? To put the ads on free hosting members sites?
  2. MN-Carl

    Link Exchange

    Hello, Looking for people to link exchange with. I'm running a small but growing community which enables members to get 10megs of disk space and upto 500megs of monthly data-transfer, php, mysql db, cpanel, ftp, subdomain. I'm looking for sites to exchange links with. :) I want to generate...
  3. MN-Carl

    Need an update?

    Hello, I seem to have been out of this forum for sometime. Could everyone please update me on what is 'expected' in this community for free hosting? As you may or may not know. I have just launched a free package which has zero adverts, however I fear that the package is outdated. The...
  4. MN-Carl

    100% Ad FREE Free Hosting with CPANEL

    Hello, I'm pleased to announce the release of a package which is 100% free and has zero adverts of any kind. The Package includes the following specs: 10 MB Disk Space 500 MB Monthly Data Transfer 1 FTP Account PHP Scripting 1 MySQL Database Sub-Domain CPanel 6.2 Control Panel...
  5. MN-Carl

    Movie - Starts with T - Like Matrix?

    Hey, Anyone know of a movie beginning with T and is suppose to be like the matrix? I cannot think of the name.... :confused:
  6. MN-Carl

    Anyone got Natural Selection?

    Hello, Just wondering has anyone got natural selection? Or if you just have half life and your interested in downloading NS. Anyhow. Just say if you have and also you location. I'm just install natural selection on a server with red hat linux 7.3 and want to test it. Its located in New...
  7. MN-Carl

    1U Rack Space + ~324GB Monthly Transfer - $75/mo

    Removed the offer.
  8. MN-Carl

    42U Cabinet + 10MBIT/s MFN Bandwidth for Just $1200 per month

    Hello, A special deal to include 10MBit/s of transit bandwidth via MFN (Formerly AboveNET). This deal includes: 42U RackMount Lockable Cabinet 20AMPS AC Power 10Mbit/s MFN Bandwidth via Ethernet All of the above for just $1200 per month. This deal is only valid in our Dallas...
  9. MN-Carl

    Why do people require so much bandwidth?

    Hey, Why do people require so much bandwidth with their servers and at such a little cost taking in account bandwidth pricing at the moment? Example, bandwidth based upon actual usage as known as "Data Transfer" the norm on the lower end market (providers such as Rackshack) offer 400GB as...
  10. MN-Carl

    Need Colo? Amazing Deals

    Hello, Ever looked a colocation and found the prices higher than renting a server with colocation and bandwidth higher than just colocation on its own? We have the answer for such problems. The prices below work out at a lot less than even the average $50/U cost as charged by lots of quality...
  11. MN-Carl

    (PRE-ORDER) Servers $99.00/Mo

    Hello, Note: Server deals gone. COLO DEALS: 1U Rackmount Rackspace 10/100MBIT SWITCH PORT 300GB Actual Data Transfer Per Month ($1.00 per GB over-charge) 5 Dedicated IPs (4 Usable) APC MasterSwitch Port $69.00 per month 20U Rackmount Rackspace 1 x 100Mbit Ethernet Drop 1Mbit...
  12. MN-Carl

    Colo Deal - $1000/Mo

    Hello, Special Colocation Deal: 42U Full Lockable Cabinet 10Mbit MFN Dedicated Bandwidth 10/100Mbit Peering Connection 20AMPS AC Power $1000.00/Mo Additional cabinets - $500.00/Mo Additional MFN bandwidth - $50.00/Mbit Each cabinet comes with 20AMPS AC Power. You must have your...
  13. MN-Carl

    Looking to buy quality traffic!!

    Hello, I'm looking to "buy" traffic. See below for more information: I'm looking for webmaster related sites to sell products such as: Colocation (Starts at $79.95/mo) Dedicated Servers (Starts at $89.95/Mo) Domain Name Registration (Starts at $11.95/Yr) DialUp USA Internet Access...
  14. MN-Carl

    Free Un Managed Server.

    Hello, There is a catch to this deal. You would be required to beta test control panels, however you can use the server for your own usage (subject to our terms and conditions) for no cost. Offer Intel Pentium II Processor 400Mhz 128MB Non-ECC Ram 6GB EIDE HDD 10/100Mbit Ethernet Card...
  15. MN-Carl

    UnManaged Dedicated Servers - $89.00 per month with FREE SET-UP and Tier1 Bandwidth.

    Hello, Anyone want to pre-order one of these? AMD Duron 1.2Ghz 256Mb Non-ECC PC133 SDRAM 80GB 7200RPM EIDE HDD 400Gb Monthly Data Transfer 1 Dedicated IP Red Hat Linux 7.3 Standard Server Install APC MasterSwitch Port (Remote Reboot) Payment options A. $89.00 Per Month $99.00...
  16. MN-Carl

    Get a lot of webmaster related hits?!

    Hello, Please do not even bother applying if you do you fit all or most of the requirements. Requirements? Must be able to receive payment via PayPal. Must have a web site which attracts potiental hosting clients and people who would be interested in buying/renting servers and signing up...
  17. MN-Carl

    AMD XP 2100+ Servers / DDR PC2100 / WD 7200RPM IDE HDD 8Mb - $99.00 per month

    Hello, This is a "pre-order" thread. If your interested in this deal and would like to reserve one. Just private message me with subject "I want a server". I will contact you when the servers are online and you can order. Servers specifications: AMD XP 2100+ 256Mb Non-ECC Crucial PC2100...
  18. MN-Carl

    Usage Stats?

    Hello, I was just wondering if there are some usage stats available to view? ie: How many hits this forum get per month? How many are unique? How many active users per month? Also, how long do "adverts" on the forum last? There are a few catagories that may I be interested in...
  19. MN-Carl

    Co Location Services | Quality Carrier Netural Facility | Tier 1 Carriers

    HeLLO, Special Deals Full Cabinet + Qwest Bandwidth + Power Full Lockable Cabinet (24"W x 84"H x 30.7"D) 1.5Mbit Qwest Tier1 Bandwidth * 20 AMPS AC Power Free Remote Hands (During business hours) $749.00/Monthly ** Full Cabinet + Power [You pick your carriers] Full Lockable...
  20. MN-Carl

    Managed Dedicated Server - $119/mo

    Hello, Limited availability: PIII 833Mhz 256MB SDRAM 40GB EIDE HDD 400GB Data-transfer per month 4 IPs Red Hat Linux 7.3 Managed ( Software updates & reboots ) $119/mo + $50/setup fee Support is provided by Helpdesk ( Forums also ). Payment is via paypal ( $169 first payment...