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    Bluestudio looking for hosting partner

    linus_lim, The URL specified does not work, can you provide an alternate? I would love to see a snapshot of the quality of work you performed. Happy Holidays!
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    Valcato--Missing In Action-Again

    Re: valcato down again I'm curious, which DC had the fire? Was it BURST?
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    How far can your dollar go?

    ... pretty far at Netacore . With a 30 day money back guarantee policy there is no risk. Enjoy peace of mind and comfort :) For the next 48 hours: The 'LITE' plan will include 100 mb of storage (50% more free) More information re: hosting plans can be found at...
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    I need this read carefully

    The Netacore 'MONSTER' plan would be perfect for you: cPanel control panel 1 GB space 25 GB bandwidth POP3/MySQL/Auto Responders/and more unlimited Price: $30.00 per month Please visit http://netacore.com for more information Your account will be created on the following server...
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    Here is waht I need

    I guess I posted too late ;) Carboran, If you're still searching for the right host, visit Netacore.(http://netacore.com) I can offer you a modified 'LITE' plan which would include 100mb storage for $10.00 per month. Plan descriptions can be viewed at...
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    Netacore Hosting //// Look inside

    Netacore (http://netacore.com) is proud to offer the following hosting plans to FWS visitors. At Netacore, the 'customer is ALWAYS right' and as such expect courteous and respectful customer support. More information re: hosting plans can be found at: http://netacore.com/hosting.shtml...
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    Netacore, Inc. -- secure your plan today

    Prices will soon rise for new signups at Netacore, Inc. Signup before June 28, 2002 to 'lock in' and secure great plans such as: LITE PLAN 250 mb storage 10 gb bandwidth CPanel Zero setup/No contract/30-day money back/$5.00 per month More plans w/ detailed information can be found...
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    Lifetime Hosting Plans

    I am curious as to what is the name of the 'other' hosting company. I went to your site and you mentioned the same thing as one of the reasons for your proposed longevity in this industry, but couldn't find a name.
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    Found good paid host Cheap 2

    Congratulations :birthday:
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    I looking for for a host

    NintendoNG, I don't think cheatpark represents myacen. Your questions should be answered and confirmed by the sales representatives at myacen directly.
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    Netacore, Inc. Hosting

    Netacore, Inc. Hosting Expand your business with Netacore, Inc. Provide hosting solutions by utilizing our anonymous reseller services. All reseller accounts include private DNS and have the ability to create Unlimited Websites/ Domains with the features you specify! Control Panel...
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    Special 20 Gig data transfer...12.95/month....NOT COGENT

    Why not post phpinfo publicly
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    Alternative to myacen.com for 10 gigs bandwidth/mysql for around $10/month?

    We offer Cpanel, the easiest to use, feature-packed control panel on the market. Visit us online to view our plans and take a test spin of Cpanel at http://netacore.com
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    I want to host a domain.edu.pk where to go

    Perhaps you should raise your budget by just a little :) Hosting at $1.25 per month is rather difficult
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    Nirmani.net? Is this the end?

    DV2 is a great datacenter! you shouldn't have any problems there
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    I looking for for a host

    Checkout Netacore, Inc. at http://netacore.com The 'LITE' plan would fit you nicely
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    Real hard question for you

    From their TOS: "We do not accept sites in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other asian languages, as well as surfers from asian countries." Never seen that before!
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    Hello ! Thanks for your interest in Netacore, Inc. ! No we are not resellers, we utilize our own machines. Domain purchasing is not included in the hosting plans. If you have any questions, please visit http://help.netacore.com and click on the 'chat-now' button to start a...
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    Real hard question for you

    Your best bet is to go with homestead.com, they are an established free host ...