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  1. J

    $2.00 /yr Hosting?

    Hi, I really don't need much. I'm looking for a very small shared hosting package. cPanel preferred but will accept others. 500-1GB space, and likely 10GB bandwidth /month and a few mysql db's as well as php and email support. Most my of work is local but id like to have the option to expose it...
  2. J

    Selling IPB License

    I've sent you a PM.
  3. J

    Selling IPB License

    I would like to add that the license renewal and transfer fees are included in the asking price. You will receive the entire 6 months of upgrades and premium support. I'm also open to offers. Thanks,
  4. J

    Selling IPB License

    I have an IPB License I'm no longer using . The license retails at $175. Looking for $120 USD.
  5. J

    Server Consolidation (Seeking Suggestions)

    As it is right now, I have multiple services with several companies spread virtually everywhere. Ranging from dedicated servers to shared hosting accounts. (For several reasons) This is beginning to be much more of an inconvenience than a convenience for me. My thoughts are to purchase one...
  6. J

    Seeking Reseller (Unique)

    Just to be a little more specific. I do not plan to use this account to resell webspace. It is only a gateway/portal for a an upcoming network, which requires the use of reselling features to assign staff members specific "domains", which provide full control to that domain only. Also...
  7. J

    Seeking Reseller (Unique)

    Apologies for the delayed response. I have not yet chosen a reseller provider yet. Still looking and doing my own research on the reliability of current offers.
  8. J

    Seeking Reseller (Unique)

    The above offers seem reasonable, but not yet any offers including the PTR request. I would like to either edit, or request modifications to be made to the PTR (RDNS) records for each IP. This is generally a feature included with a VPS/Dedicated but my needs are unusually small for either of...
  9. J

    Seeking Reseller (Unique)

    Hello, I'm seeking a reseller account that will allow for two custom nameservers, as well as PTR edits (Either upon request, or automated). I'll assume 3 dedicated IP's will be required to accommodate the request. As far as space/bandwidth/features go, I would like to keep these...
  10. J

    Seeking Reliable Shared/Reseller Provider

    Decided on WebLyte. Thank you all for your offers.
  11. J

    Seeking Reliable Shared/Reseller Provider

    Hello, I'm seeking a reliable provider to host a few of my domains. Either it be shared with a few addon domains, or a reseller. cPanel is preferred as the control panel, but will accept alternatives. (Providing a cpanel backup can be converted and restored.) Space/bandwidth...
  12. J

    Basic, Reliable Hosting Needed (MySQL 5, PHP 5)

    Hi, I believe we can offer you your requested requirements and more. Suggested shared plans: http://hetrixbyte.com/shared_comparison.html phpinfo(): http://hetrixbyte.com/status/index.php?action=phpinfo PHP5 (cURL, GD, FreeType Enabled) MySQL 5 cPanel 11 + Fantastico De Luxe If...
  13. J

    Who help ?? I give very good VPS !! It's not a joke !!

    What distribution? If it's RPM based (CentOS, RH, ect..) yum -y update yum -y install glibc
  14. J

    Reseller Needed ASAP

    Hi, Consider taking a look at our resellers plans @ http://hetrixbyte.com/reseller_comparison.html Custom Nameservers - Free (Upon Request) Account Migration - Free (Upon Request) Addons Dedicated IP - $1.99 /month Regards,
  15. J

    PHP5 and Ioncube Loaders needed for many contracts

    If you haven't already found a home, consider taking a look at the plans from HetrixByte. Shared: http://hetrixbyte.com/shared_comparison.html Reseller: http://hetrixbyte.com/reseller_comparison.html PHP5 & IonCube Loaders available. Support via client helpdesk and/or live chat.
  16. J

    Get a PHONE CALL from a human, whenever your server is down (your opinion please)...

    Interesing indeed. I love the 110mb sample audio, it made me giggle.
  17. J

    Hosting Question... PLEASE HELP!!!

    A dedicated seems like your only solution here. Anything less simply wouldn't provide the power necessary for processes such as game servers.
  18. J

    FREE P4 SERVER for you, somebody need?

    Maybe he/she's just that :ninja:
  19. J

    Anyone selling Invision Power Board

    Once you purchase an IPB license it is an owned license with a renewal fee. Renewal fees are $25.00 every 6 months, which are not required unless you seek an available update.
  20. J

    So my parents think I smoke crack.

    Apologies for the confusion. I was quoting the Molson Canadian slogan :ninja: