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    50+, FTP, No ads

    Hy guys, i was a pround member of flatface.net for a log time but not their ftp doesn't work anymore as well as I want. So i'm searching a host for my german photo site, it must be adfree, must have ftp and i need round about 50 megs. can you help me? i searched for hours, but can't find a...
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    hy, i don't know if i'm allowed to post this here if not delete please. i don't want to use my domain in the future: www.computerfreaks.net you can have it for free...there are only the fees for the transfer and every year a fee. if somebody want to have it please mail...
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    New hosts!

    Yo, Cyberflash is back with a few new hosts: URL: http://www.dki.li/index.php?inhalt=content&link=webspace 25-100 MB Webspace mysql php3/4 cgi ftp one popup http://88a.de/home.htm 20 mb little ads ftp http://www.lima-city.de/content/index.php?offer=webspace fast...
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    New hosts!

    yo, there are a few new hosts...here are da best ones: http://www.ewhf.net/ a lot of features like php, cgi, ftp...think it is down at the moment. http://www.thx.to/ 10mb no ads fast php ssi ftp unmetered traffic http://www.thx.to/register.html hm...all the others are...
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    New hosts!

    hy well, bad times at the moment, really no new hosts. i found only two: http://www.devisland.net/ you get 10 mb, no ads, ftp and no further features. at http://simnet.scripteweb.de/ you get a free phpbb / wbb / wwb2 / cuteBB. i think they give you unlimited webspace + php,ssi,asp &...
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    New hosts! 10/28/02

    hy found a few new hosts: url: http://www.easyspace.com/services/hosting.html#free features: FREE 25MB webspace FREE subdomain name as: yourname.members.easyspace.com FREE unlimited FTP access FREE Bandwidth up to 1GB usage per month FREE Media http protocol Streaming FREE...
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    New offer!

    Hy, today a new offer from www.server4free.de starts, "vServer". url: www.vserver.de Features: 1 GB space 15 GB traffic unlimited domains and email addys full root access own Red Hat Linux 7.2 optional SuSE 8.0 or Debian 3.0 PHP4 CGI MySQL can upload your own programs...
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    New hosts!

    Hy, found new hosts: http://www.webvena.com/ 1 MB no ads browser upload subdomain email http://www.fhost.de 10 MB webftp subdomain php email signup takes 5-10 hours, manually optional: mysql database: 2,50 Euro/Month at www.endless.cc you get a lot of features when you...
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    New host 10/10/02

    Hy, today only one new host: http://www.www1host.net/main/hosting.cgi signup: http://www.www1host.net/main/hosting.cgi?action=terms Free Features NO Banners or popup windows NO Junk mail 5 MB Disk space Browser based file upload Browser based webpage creator for those in a...
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    New host - 10/9/02

    Hy, i just found this new host: http://www.freetoolz.de german features: 10 MB Webspace 1 SubDomain (www.yourname.d.sr) 500 MB Traffic/Month ( for web AND FTP ) PHP CGI-BIN SSL WAP-Seiten FTP Upload daily Webstatistics (Webalizer) Pop3 & redirections unlimited...
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    New host

    hy today i've got a new host, but i think its only good for people who can understand german. features: 20 MB FTP PHP4 100 mbit connection very fast! to sign up, you have first to sign up at www.thinknerd.de , after 2 weeks you can mail to them and get your account. no otha...
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    New hosts - 10/3/02

    Hy, found these hosts today: http://www.freezope.org/ unlim webspace ftp no forced ads subdomain there are no definite limits on usage. TinyTablesPlus database and a few new otha hosts, but all cobranded by 0catch or community architect. #Cyberflash
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    New hosts: 10/2/02

    Hy, today there are a few new hosts: www.idyl.net signup: http://www.idyl.net/cgi-bin/register.cgi Your own subdomain address at yourname.idyl.net and www.yourname.idyl.net PHP and SSI support Web-based email address at yourname@idyl.net Fifteen (15) megs of web space FTP access...
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    Found new hosts! #2

    Hy, here are a few hosts i don't know wheater they are really new or not: www.schleswig-holstein.de german 20 mb ftp no ads very fast! www.hamburg.de 20 mb ftp no ads fast www.ourweb.to 1 e-mail account 5 or 10 MB webspace (larger spaces are available) CGI-Bin for...
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    Found a new host

    hy, i found this new host: http://www.mega-net.de.vu/ - 3 MB - PHP3,4 - Perl/CGI - MySQL - Front-Page - 1x POP3 - 1x E-Mail-redirection its a private service. signup takes 3 days. speed is pretty good. #Cyberflash
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    New host

    Hy, found this new host: http://www.this24.de/ language: german features: 20 mb ftp email yourname@this24.de subdom yourname.this24.de 500 mb traffic per month very fast speed don't know the kind of ads, without ads 7 Euro/year #Cyberflash
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    Found a new host!

    Hy, found a new host: http://www.webmasterwork.com/webspace.php language: german 50MB Webspace Subomain PHP, CGI one MySQL database FTP 1000 MB Traffic / month frontpage no ads you have to post 10 times a month in their forum #Cyberflash - computer:freaks.net !!! FIRST YOU...
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    New host!

    Hy, i found this new host: http://www.gibnic.com/ They offer: sign up:http://formmail.to/cgi-bin/odbic.exe/formmailto/form.odb?form=gibnic YOU NEED: Minimum of 1000 monthly page views Business Contents 1 discreet reciprocal Banner-, Button- or Link-wheel per site No alternate...
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    New host! 9/6

    Hy, i found this new host: www.divepage.net language: german 50 mb space ftp cgi/perl win2000 server you have to place 2 banner ads signup: http://www.divepage.net/mailform/dwp.html signup works manually enjoy! #Cyberflash
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    New host!

    Hy, i found this new host: www.datenkompression.de signup: http://www.datenkompression.de/index.php?c=antrag.txt 1 - 10 mb space php3 php4 ssi ftp downloads are ok if under 100 kb no ads unlimited traffic ( fair use ) url like www.datenkompression.de/yourname paid options...