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    need Free domain of Dot something

    hehe... =)
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    need Free domain of Dot something

    please read posts before postings -.-
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    PHP/MYSQL/15mb/NO cpanel

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    Need hosting with PHP/MySql : Quick!

    www.funpic.de - german, php, mysql, no ads, unlimited space and traffic
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    need reliable PHP/mySQL webspace

    you can also try www.funpic.de space and traffic not limited 1x mysql php, perl no ads ftp upload fast i use this host for a couple of week. no problems. Cyberflash
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    Looking for a CGI free web host

    i don't know about php, but no mysql. Cyberflash
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    Free Webpace..size Doesnt Matter Just Need Cgi And No (forced) Ads

    nice, isn't it? it's a nice feature, but i think nearly nobody will really need it... Cyberflash
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    if you like to host a board try remotly hosted board, don't run them on free webspace. it will be kicked soon... Cyberflash otherwise try hostrocket.com - cgi, 20 mb, very fast
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    50+, FTP, No ads

    really no hosts? or something else to host my pictures ad free? for pictures only it shold be round about 70 megs. Cyberflash
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    Looking for a CGI free web host

    try www.hostrocket.com ftp cgi 2gb bandwidth 20 megs space register 2 or 3 accounts for your different pages. Cyberflash
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    MySql /php

    http://www.project404.org/hosting.php 150 mb php mysql ftp perl text link ads Thy say: In return for our free hosting package, links to the 4 networked websites from your main page. Any additional links from additional pages of your site are appreciated, but the main page links are vital...
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    Php/Mysql Host wanted

    looks a little bit commercial...? i would use a paid space paket; so you have to pay perhaps one dollar / euro a month, but yur webspace is sure and adfree. Cyberflash
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    50 Meg, FTP, mySQL/PHP

    try www.ekzay.com 200 mb, ftp, php,mysql, "unmetered" banwidth etc. banner on top NOTE: In order to sign-up, you must call a phone number that will cost $7CAN/Min there are a few other notes can't read it because can't speak french. i don't think you will find an other host...
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    50+, FTP, No ads

    Yes, it's a part of this site; where all my photos are included. It's an own part like an own site, so it's nothing like hotlinking. Don't worry about the language, there are not many words, i could translate it into english. It's more important that there is not so much downtime... and hosts...
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    yes, that's a big mistake too many new hosts do. we will see... Cyberflash
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    50+, FTP, No ads

    Hy guys, i was a pround member of flatface.net for a log time but not their ftp doesn't work anymore as well as I want. So i'm searching a host for my german photo site, it must be adfree, must have ftp and i need round about 50 megs. can you help me? i searched for hours, but can't find a...
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    hy, i don't know if i'm allowed to post this here if not delete please. i don't want to use my domain in the future: www.computerfreaks.net you can have it for free...there are only the fees for the transfer and every year a fee. if somebody want to have it please mail...
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    New hosts!

    it's on my account, too. i don't know exactly but i think you have to post at their forums and so on to get "gulden". then you can have free space... #Cyberflash
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    nothing wrong i only wanted to say it :D #Cyberflash