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    Need Free Web Hosting With15Gb Space 10Gb Bandwidth and More

    I never thought I'd see the day I agree with Sain Cai .... However, he has a good point! The amount that you are asking is extremely excessive and well beyond the boundaries of any free hosting. If you want that much, you need to go out and buy yourself a commercial account or a server...
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    Need very basic free hosting

    What is necessary for free hosting?
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    Does such thing exist for a blog hosting?

    There are a number of blog applications that might work for you ... However, before getting into those, I am curious as to the reason why you say that you would like to "build static pages". What exactly is your reasoning behind that?
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    Unprofessional act by StoneRocket admins

    I actually started and ran a hosting alliance up until I left the scene a couple years ago due to health reasons. However I have since returned and among other projects on my plate right now I've actually been considering reviving the old alliance and bad client RBL network to track bad...
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    Most of you are resellers

    I have sent you a private message with more of the specific details
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    Most of you are resellers

    Apparently you don't really understand what I was talking about in my previous post. Your reply also makes it abundantly clear that you missed the point completely given that you are talking about the server owner "protecting root" which has absolutely nothing to do with anything that I was...
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    Most of you are resellers

    Pfft! Great now I got to find a towel to get the coffee off my monitor! :lol: Oh how I wish I could say what I know about both of those ... However, since both are my clients for another company I own, I guess I shouldn't! I personally have well over 30 years professional experience as a...
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    Need webhosting

    We have 3 different plans that would meet your space requirements and one of those doesn't require any advertisements, Platinum. (More details about our plans is at http://www.toadsociety.com/compare.php) Regarding language, we require English by default on hosting accounts but you can...
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    Would anyone be interested in forming a partnership (sponsor a server)

    I took a look at your site and we can talk a bit. Aside from discussing server space and perhaps and alliance, we may be to setup a partnership in other aspects as well. I'll send you a message on how to reach me.
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    Need a host with fsockopen

    At Toad Society, every account runs it's own separate PHP in total isolation and we are able to custom deploy PHP with any features or options on an per account basis. We normally do not allow fsockopen but for what you are asking, we should be able to grant you an exclusion for your script...
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    Forum Hosting request

    Toad Society Any of our plans would be more than sufficient to host a forum community and we do have PHP 5.2.10 with full GD support on all servers and an impressive list of other options. MySQL is at least 5.0.81 minimum. All servers are running the latest Apache 2.2.11. Email has both POP3...
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    Hosting predicament, need help!

    Because of costs, a dedicated server is prohibative and a VPS really would not be a solution for you coming from a high hit shared environment where you actually probably have more resources allocated in your original shared configuration already so don't listen to those people around here who...
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    Another One of Those Requests Again.

    If you are constantly moving from host to host like you say, you really should talk to me on private message or come by our new forum community at http://forums.toadsociety.com and contact me over there. Our original hosting service was unmatched for reliability and what made us unique was...
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    The free hosting biz

    How is all of WHAT possible? Do you mean ... Automating things? Security? Technology? Regarding the former, it's not that difficult to get most processes automated and I'd be glad to give you a hand in that department if you need help. If you are referring to the specialized...
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    i need forum hosting for my domain

    As I said before, I'll give you a hand assuming you still need hosting! Message me on our forum community at http://www.toadsociety.com Note: We are currently deploying a completely new site this week (June 7 though 11) so all pages are offline EXCEPT for the forum community itself...
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    The free hosting biz

    Have you considered automating the monitoring of your service? Same reply as above ... Over the years, we actually ran several free hosting services as well as paid hosting services and the longest one ran over a decade and in all that time, instances of abuse were EXTREMELY rare and we...
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    ONE.COM Cancellations WARNING

    Never heard of them but sounds a lot like America Online ... A few years ago, I had an America Online account and used the online cancellation form and a few days later got a letter in the mail saying they couldn't cancel using their online form because they couldn't verify it was me. I sent...
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    i need forum hosting for my domain

    Xzooom1: Looking at your request, we can probably host you at http://www.toadsociety.com and for a short time, we will again be giving out "Founder" flags with hosting membership which will allow for certain extra privileges and exemptions. For over 10 years, our company ran one of the...