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    Joker idiot !

    an Administrative Contact request to transfer domain from Joker to Opensrs , he approve Opensrs request then approve Joker request but the malicious holder decline Joker request , then Joker believe that this domain should not be transferred.
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    PHP + Qmail

    F2s , Spaceports etc use sendmail which ,when using PHP's mail function , didn't return undelivered/error message back to sender . With qmail , I can override Return-path . Virtualave have qmail but they didn't support PHP. Is there any Qmail + PHP server out there ?
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    Anybody know how to get an address like this? http://3626046468/
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    again (from bn3)

    Message from bn3 ############## Effective 1/4/2001, BN3 will stop its support of web hosting service to its users. Users are encouraged to find an alternate web hosting service provider for their needs. ############## Sigh !
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    Price a domain at Namezero.

    How much does a domain cost.? Namezero prices a domain at $50 http://namezero.com/support/faq/own/faq-own_trans.jsp
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    my own DNS

    Could anybody recommend where can I setup 2-4 DNS using my own domain name (e.g. ns.domain) without paying for any hosting space ? Online Edit is a must..
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    cheapest OpenSRS

    12$ OpenSRS domain can be registered thru http://19dollar.com , any cheaper OpenSRS domain out there ? See contitions on their website : ########## Because we are offering this price for a limited time, we can allow registrations for a maximum period of 2 years. After the initial 2 years...
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    urgenthost ?

    Anybody experienced urgenthost.com ?
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    setup a registrar

    Could anyone suggest the information on how can I become a registrar of a country level domain name ?
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    Free DNS

    I tried centrolinfo.net as free DNS , but they only offer 20 subdomains. Is there any free DNS providers offering more subdomains?
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    any better registrar?

    Hi Anybody have problem register domain with domainzero (both paid and free )? I can't access the following page , https://sslpay.commercetrust.com/cgi-sn/b2bnow/auth.cgi Joker did not worth a try (it costs 25$ each time owner change) and domainzero did not work well (their system...