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  1. K

    DNS at host-ing.com

    For the moment, I just use dns at hn.org, point your domain to their free server: then it work. Is this the only way?
  2. K

    DNS at host-ing.com

    Hi, I transfered one of my domain *.com.kg to host-ing.com and sign up for an free account there. I got an answer email with ftp and pop3 password but not the member login, so i couldn't check the dns record of my domain, and i can not access my site. please help !!! Thanks
  3. K

    Any free DNS ?

    I don't know why it's so strangefor me when birkitty, keith, and maybe kamejoko also can do that but not me. :( :mad: :chinese2:
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    Any free DNS ?

    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: nope I think i figure it out. *.com.kg is not TLD as zoneedit recognized. So if somebody add *.com.kg before, you can't add more. I tried with another *.gov.kg or even *.blablablabla.com, it work, but not *.com.kg
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    Any free DNS ?

    Is there any trick for adding *.com.kg to zoneedit ? when I add domain I get the message above. ANyway, thanks dony for domaincow.com
  6. K

    Any free DNS ?

    Yes, nguoi Viet, Saigon. I tried zoneedit b4 and it didn't accept *.*.kg :D
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    Any free DNS ?

    Hi, Is there any free dns services like mydomain.com (provide webforwarding and email forwarding) that accept .com.kg ? I got problem with mydomain.com cause in my country, they block mydomain.com.:( Thanks
  8. K

    SAFE MODE Restriction in effect

    thank you trenzterra, I use PHP CGI and it work well. Thanks :biggrin2: :biggrin2:
  9. K

    Domainzero Names

    change dns You can't do it for now. I think they fix the problem already. I'm so lucky that I got all my domain unlocked and transfered by that way.:biggrin2: :biggrin2:
  10. K

    SAFE MODE Restriction in effect

    Hi all, I'm trying to setup bitartmanager PHP script on f2s.com. It's a content managerment system, that allow to upload images. But f2s run PHP in safe mode, so I get the error "Restriction in effect". Is it possible to solve that problem? Thanks :p
  11. K

    ok, I need help...

    ftp Hi, If yr ftp client halt at list command, then you have to use PASV mode. It may help. ;)
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    Did anyone have experience with this hosting provider, prohosters.com Unix and Windows 2000 Servers: * No setup fees. * No hidden costs. * 48 hour activation. * Free tech assisted site transfers from other providers. * Unlimited Domain Names * 100 Free Unique Ips ($1.00 per...
  13. K

    .kg Domain Problems

    Hello, I think it take more than 14 days to a month for activated not 1 day or 7 days. :-D
  14. K

    what happen to domain.kg ???

    Thanks deziqn girl ! I just check it with www and it work. :-D
  15. K

    what happen to domain.kg ???

    Hi, Anybody know what happen to domain.kg ??? I go there and couldn't sign up or modify even checking whois. It just said "oops" :-p Please help.!! Thanks
  16. K

    This is hilarious

    Hi, I've got that too, but I just thought that it come from some idiot robot!!!
  17. K

    turn your domainzero domain status to active

    All you have to do is login to your domain controller al access.enom.com and then change your domain name server. Check who is angain and you see you status turn active Khanh Khanh@starsanimation.com
  18. K

    emailed enom asking them to release my domainzero domain

    Turm your enom domain status to ACTIVE if it says status: active your good to go if it says status: registrar lock then it hasnt been removed yet. this info is available at the bottom of the whois output --------------------------------------------- I don't know exactly that I do thing...
  19. K

    inbox cash ?

    Any one know about Inboxcash? Thanks
  20. K

    Free DNS

    I have used zoneedit.com. I think it's ok. Checkit out Khanh