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    Hi, On my search for some paid hosting, I have been directed to simplenethosting.com... I'm just weary, however, as I know little about them. Has anyone used them before? -- Carl
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    please review my design

    http://www.stuntmonkey.com.kg just my personal site. any comments on the design
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    My Design : Yay or Nay?

    Click Here comments, suggestions?
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    http://www.khost.net/ken my idea design for k hosting. what do you people think and how compatiple is it with netscape? thanks
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    another new desgin

    ok, http://www.datadrain.com has a new layout again, what does everyone think and how does it look in netscape. [Edited by Carl on 12-31-2000 at 12:03 AM]
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    kHome reopens

    just telling you that http://www.khost.net has reopoened
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    FTP Upload Script

    Is There A CGI Script That will login to an ftp server an enable you to upload files?
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    ok, so, php

    well, what i want to do is i'm using php in a similar fashion to shtml but i want to insert a variable called $header in the main bit of the page and read it off the header file.
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    could someone

    ok, so i have used htaccess to rename .php to .khp and i was wondering whther this works in netscape as i do not have it my self. the test page is at http://www.khost.net/test.khp?x=main thanks
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    Hi, I'm looking to buy a 1U rack server and was wondering where i could purchase one at a reasonable price thanks
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    some tips....

    hey i've been thinking about setting up my own fwp(ie. not portland) for a bit now and i think that i will be able to manage this financially next year. users will have - 5 megs - 500meg bandwidth limit - php - mysql(if possible) - cgi - ssi - domain hosting - footer...
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    how would this fly.....

    i am thiking about setting up a free domain service similar to that on that spaceports. as in where they place an ad on their site and whne it reaches a certain number of clicks that amounts up to like $12 they get a free domain for a year. sound ok?
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    Message Board

    hey can anyone direct me to a message board script in perl or php that has a similar look or feel to this one or ubb and that doesn't require mySql. don't say yabb though. thanks
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    review my design please

    i've got a new design for khost.net & i wanted to know what people think it looks like: http://spazzed.net/tadpole/k/index.html
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    this font

    does anyone know what font it is and where i can get it that is used in the logo for a clients site: http://spazzed.net/tadpole/hydrotech.gif
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    My Design Site

    just to tell you that my deisgn site t15 is back up temporarily at http://www.t15.com.ru
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    Online Games

    where can i get some good online games to place on my site?
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    hi, can you review my design for my personal site http://www.datadrain.com thanks