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    Finally coming back........

    I just came back to look for a free redirectional services. And log in to forum i find my last visited date was 2002 December........... Feeling and memory rushes in and remember when the internet everything was free.... Free hosting was like a dream....... Anyway. Just wanted to pop in...
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    PHP host...

    could somebody recommand me a good and reliable PHP host?? Space does not matter and does not need SQL....... prefrebly ad free but i am not concern about ads if it has to be......
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    A free reliable PHP host...

    I am sorry as i know this question has been asked many many times.. ( i have been with freewebspace.net way before the forum software changes ) And i know may be freewebspace is not the way forward. But i Just need a reliable host that support Php. ( MY SQL is not nesscery but included will be...
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    Haisoft. any good??

    Has any body uses haisoft before?? How does it compare to Supanames and bargainhost??
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    a site for Uk host..

    Does any body know a site that is spcific to Uk paid host?? so i can search and read reviews..etc??
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    How to identifly resellers??

    People tend to think that reseller pacakage for webhost are no good. Then How do we identifly if they are reseller or not?? And on the subject does sany body know any good host that is resonably cheap.... ( I am willing to pay about £30 a year )
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    Uk host question

    Does any body know if there are any relationship between supanames.co.uk and bargainhost.co.uk?? Their pricing are VERY similar and they offer VERY similar features as well.
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    how is it?? and datablocks.net?? is it still coming out??
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    to NC_TOM

    how is netcabins?? ^_^ oh, yeah, i have send you a PM as well check it.
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    New Redirect Scripts!!

    After a long search into that sometime ago. I found that iredrector is the best redirection script around. And according to recent research, IT IS. The scripts that used to test was iredirector, Redirect Pro, and Erics Redirect. iredirector came first. But recently i found a new redirect...
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    how about a scripts for paid host??

    I mean like automatic creation of new users. And billing systems, what plan are they on, etc.......... it is something like if they have signed up for the basic plan than they won't get mysql.... any idea??
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    host..... nowadays.......

    is there any host that have php, perl and mysql?? i don't mind about banners or size of files.... apart from f2s there were used to be a few very good host around the net.... such as netcabins............hua..........................
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    Modules for apache

    are these module common?? would i find them on most server or do they have to be seperatly installed?? POP3Client, MIME::Base64, Crypt::Blowfish, and Crypt::CBC And qmail, MD5,tcpserver(ucspi-tcp-0.88) 5-----vpopmail-4.9.10 (with mysql support) MailTools-1.15.tar.gz IO-str...
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    what takes to be a server??

    A server for a small paid host, what is the spec usually like? And how many people would THIS spec serve?? what connection would a paid host have ?? and T3, would that be enough?? And would the server just be like a normal PC using normal PC cases?? Would the Hard disk HAVE to be a SCSI?? or...
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    does any body knows a scripts that does something like http://www.thecgipath.com/products/s_cue.html ( the download directionary version )
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    download scripts

    Download scripts Does anyone known of a download scripts that acts something like download.com?? i.e giving you which has the highest download and the top 10 download.....etc.....?? P.S I have looked at cgi-resources.com ...etc. already.... i just need your opinion on which one is good....
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    Search scripts

    Script search Does any body knows a scripts ( Javascripts or CGI...etc ) that will allow the users to search my site and other search engines as well?? I Got a javascripts which can search a lot of search engines, but it does not search my site. it is from www.gdsoftware.com called...
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    To Technics

    Hi Technics I have just found a site www.supanames.co.uk they are real cheap and ( they accept solo card as well ) i just wanted to know your opinion on it. Since you are the only one who i could think of when talking about UK Hosting ^_^ P.S Please put any recommandation of host as...
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    Cheap Host. Try Easily ??

    I have found this host easily.co.uk They offer 100mb of Space 5Gb Bandwidth with top up avaliable. CGI, PHP4, MySQL, ASP. Has any body uses them before?? And could any body tell me how could i check if the host is fast or not?? Are their programs that does that??
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    THE Best Redirection scripts....

    Can Some one tell me?? Lightning redirector is not good enough..... Gocgi redirection scripts is crap... idirect no longer alive, the board and support is simply dead. Erics cgi redirection scripts is buggy. And others in cgi-resources.com.... i have tried out most of them. Is there any good...