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  1. Decker

    Hutchison 3G internal systems go down

    Can you believe 3 (as in 3 the mobile phone company, Hutchison 3G) is down! Not the phones, their internal systems! That size of a company has no failover, redundant systems, disaster recovery, spare string and sticky tape! Estimate for being able to do anything given by customer...
  2. Decker

    10,000 posts

    :biggrin2: when did I get the time to post 10,000 times (not including all the non-countable ones)
  3. Decker

    VPS required

    Now the important bits :) 1. You must have been hosting for at least 1 full year, that means fully operational not 6 months of it wondering what you were doing, 1 full year 24/7. 2. You must have been hosting for at least 1 full year, that means fully operational not 6 months of it wondering...
  4. Decker

    hostd8.com AGAIN!

    Seems they have gone again, taking a VPS down with all clients and data, no ticket responses, yada yada... Anyone heard anything - hopefully?
  5. Decker

    Another One Bites The Dust

    Due to a recent flurry of b& and I'm just being nosey to be honest :evilb: I'd love to see the reasons in the infractions section :lol:
  6. Decker

    Anyone use hostd8.com

    If you do is it still there? Seems to have gone south.
  7. Decker

    Notifications stopped?

    Anyone else not getting subscribed thread notifications, possibly just a glitch.
  8. Decker

    Let's make it Fluffy Bunny Week :)

    Why not, they're Fluffy and Bunnies :D Zombie week was a hoot (although more than a week, rotting flesh usually have watches falling off so can't look at the date, thanks for the 2 livers and half a lung, tight gits) - so why not celebrate all that's cute and cuddly this time :D
  9. Decker

    Support Zombie - make it Zombie week

    As above our friend is now Zombie, obviously passed on and craving brainz can we honour him with a Zombie memorial this week :-) AND EAT BRAAAIINNNZZZZZ !!!!
  10. Decker

    I got my domain name back :D

    Couldn't believe it, an old domain monitor alert popped into my mail and behold it lapsed. Good day :banana: I got Ctrl-Alt-Deli.com back :evilb:
  11. Decker

    What would you look for in an online email service?

    Basically as above, say you don't have the access you really need, on the move a lot your mobile phone has to be manually kicked to check for mail, etc. I know there are plenty of online ones, gmail is the best example but I'm looking for ideas for what's not available that you may have...
  12. Decker

    Support Ticket System that can be open to public responses?

    Support Ticket System that can be open to public responses? You may say WTF... But yes - looking for recommendations on a good, solid ticket system that will allow many users to respond, only if they register and be added to a group that can. I know many will recommend a forum but as...
  13. Decker

    Have I missed anything?

    Hi all anything I missed, apart from here :):evilb:
  14. Decker

    UK PM Gordon Brown is a PIRATE!

    http://torrentfreak.com/british-government-gets-caught-pirating-website-080820/ Why am I not surprised at them stealing this sort of thing too :tired2: If you know of any babies that have candy investments please send details to; Gordon Brown c\o 10 Downing Street (temp address)...
  15. Decker

    Avatar Hijack?

    Why does MicGoogle use a bad res version of utcrazy's long standing avatar? I think it's OOO.
  16. Decker

    VPS 512M WHM/cPanel required with quick setup

    Okay here I go again, as above unmanaged VPS with 512M (include burstable amount above 512M) & cPanel on CentOS5 Just to make it easy fill out the below :D Anything appropriate should be added to the below info too. Thanks in advance :) ___________________________________ CPU : RAM : Disk ...
  17. Decker

    fiveminuteVPS & connecthost

    Paging Cameron - NetX - get yer **** in here! Okay so what gives - an email and a site message that seem to differ quite a lot! E-mail verification link is a 404, and a couple of other direct contradictions. Over to you mate, what gives before I lift another finger doing anything on the VPS...
  18. Decker

    2 Games Scripts Needed!

    Okay so I'm being hounded to do a community site, bugger! And all the basics are done, but they want to be able to play Bingo & Sudoku online (ungrateful sods), so my question is - anyone know any good ones? PHP and/or PERL is fine, any others too it's just going to run on a *NIX VPS...
  19. Decker

    Non intrusive ad - what do you think?

    Hi all, just getting opinions on this one - http://levenmouth.org/adtest/ Is it still intrusive or acceptable?
  20. Decker

    Cheapest Server Ever sought!

    Here's the deal, really cheap dedi required, *nix OS the rest is open, low disk/transfer is fine. Why? As a gateway server for an extranet that's all. What have you got hidden away folks :) (now it's okay to fess up to still holding onto that pup)