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    Domain Giveaways...

    Um..I have 2 domains that really don't care for anymore.. I'm not even in the webhosting business anymore and I just don't want them anymore.. They don't have any page rank. Their just domains. (good for a gaming site) realmofscrolls.com - $3 Expires 2008-01-20 - Active Domain Co...
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    24 Hour Web Hosting BLOWOUT Sale

    We are having a hosting sale with a 24 hour limit! Get it now! Shared Plan #1 --------------- - 2GB Space - 10gb bandwidth - Fully featured cPanel/Fantastico - 5 Addon domains - Unlimited Subdomains - Unlimited FTP Accounts - Unlimited MySQL Databases - Unlimited E-mail Accounts - FREE...
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    Realm of Scrolls - 99.8% Guaranteed Uptime, Free Domains, Ad-free FREE Web Hosting

    BNexxus Networks, Inc. presents to you Realm of Scrolls FREE Web Hosting!!! Realm of Scrolls offers quality web hosting with 99.8% guaranteed uptime and many more extra services. We've built this site to SERVE you. We offer flexible and specially designed plans that are excellent for...
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    Ad Free & Reliable Web Hosting

    Realm of Scrolls FREE Web Hosting I've launched a free post to host system for those who want good reliable web hosting for their business or personal site. We're guaranteed not to disappear like most host in a month. With us, you won't have to host again. BNexxus Networks, Inc.. supplies you...
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    Personally speaking, we often tell buyers to watch out for hosts overselling to the max with "200GB Diskspace.." So...what about MidPhase.com? They have out the box offers, but they've been around for a while. I remember they used to have unlimited bandwidth, etc. Anyone here ever hosted with...
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    Looking to power up..

    Eh i'm looking to buy some new memory for my other desktop computer that I plan to rebuild and turn into a hell-machine. I'm not sure about how many pins I need.. Its a Compaq Presario 80OUS [Old, I know] Running on a Celeron 2001 processor. (Shed tears for this weak computer) I plan to...
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    Web Developing Classes

    I've gotten a great idea. For everyone who wants to learn PHP/SQL, HTML/XHTML or JavaScript but the tutorials confused you? Well i'm starting a Web Dev. Class. It will be hosted on BNexxus Networks, Inc. and depending on how many people there is will decide how the lessons are taught...
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    BNexxus Networks Web Hosting Special

    BNexxus Networks, Inc. Web Hosting Special We at BNexxus Networks have launched a web hosting special geared towards our customers who want to pay less for high quality hosting. (These packages will differ from the ones on our website, hence they are special packages exclusive only for...
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    Very cheap domain for sell

    I'm getting rid of this domain: realmofscrolls.com Page rank of 2 (I think.) Expires 21-Jan-2008 Offer me something good and you'll get it. I'm not looking for TOO much for this domain.
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    BNexxus Networks, Inc. WebHosting

    We have a new sense of hosting http://beyondnexxus.com/web/ Read up there, on the NEW Nexxus.
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    Where did these free domain request come from all of a sudden? o.O
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    Beyond Nexxus's Custom Web Hosting | Make your own package!

    BNexxus Custom Hosting Packs! Hello there everyone! I'm the owner of Beyond Nexxus and i'm here once again to tell you about our web services. We offer.... • Fully featured cPanel 10.9 • PHP 5.2/w unlimited MySQL (4.1.21) databases • Unlimited subdomains, e-mail accounts, and FTP Accounts...
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    Good, Reliable, Custom Web Hosting Packages!

    Beyond Nexxus Custom Packs We at Beyond Nexxus are offering custom web hosting packages! Please check us out for the full detail at http://beyondnexxus.com/thedeal.php here! You can order there too or PM me here or even e-mail us at staff@beyondnexxus.com We offer full cPanel, a...
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    ...I mean...really

    Do people REALLY click the adsense ads? I click them everynow and then to give the site some credits. But really..there isn't much money to be made from ads...is there? Unless is PPI and you need like 1,000 impressions for like...$1.. But pay per pay (where the person must click, sign up...
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    Beyond Nexxus & Realm of Scrolls Custom Web Hosting

    We at Beyond Nexxus would like to present our new branch of web hosting; RealmofScrolls. We're a web hosting company that does not operate on hosting package, thus be allow our customers to tune their own hosting packages to their liking. Details are here. We never go over $15.00 monthly and...
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    Simple Hosting

    We accept payment via paypal. http://beyondnexxus.com/hostingplans.html We host sites for $2 and register .info domains for $5. .com, .net, and .org domains are registered for $8. Hosting starts at 100 gigs of bandwidth and $2/month. Instant setup upon e-mail recieving. (No...
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    Custom Hosting Packages! Reliable!

    http://beyondnexxus.com/hostingplans.html Due to obnoxious people.
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    Free Hosting Custom Package Request

    I need a reliable free host that can provide me with the following in a hosting package: • Host MY domain • PHP/MYSQL (2-4 databases) • cPanel (Or your own control panel) • Space: 1 - 5 gigs • Bandwidth: Now, I plan on running a php based chatting system (phpMychat) which consumes quite...
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    Not too much to ask for actually..

    I already have my own domain name, I just need a free hosting package with: Anything over 10 gigs of bandwidth. 2 gigs of disk space. cPanel/Fantastico PHP/MySQL(3 databases) ASP My ads allowed and thats it. If I can get this perfect custom package, I would be so greatful.