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    Twitter gets slammed by Google

    Yesterday Twitter Page Rank dropped to 0. What do you think of this ?
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    Who lives in Netherlands

    I want to contact a Internet Service Provider located in NL, http://www.xs4all.nl/ I need help from people who live there, please.
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    Bots are ruining the forum.

    Bots are ruining the forum. It's time for mods to take action against them. Read SiberForum posts. He just bumped an old thread of mine, started with his generic replies like "contact your host", etc. and etc.
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    Subdomain host for testing

    Hey, I need a host to test something on WordPress, because I want to modify something before implementing in the main site. Sure, I have hosting and could do it on my account, but then it could be indexed by search engines and could have problems after I remove the testing installation. And I...
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    Technihost down, looking for alternatives

    Hi there hosts! Need: 500-1000MB of disk space, 2-10 GB of Bandwidth, PHP with php mail and curl enabled, support for enabling/disabling modules on my hosting account so it doesn't break my script, free domains allowed. No Post2host, No Ads.
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    Anyone knows how to make Firefox faster ?

    Does anyone knows how to make Firefox start/close faster ? One possible solution I think is to have as few as possible addons/plugins, because when you have more addons, more libraries are required to load every time you start the browser. Need some tips on that and how to load websites which...
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    Free CDN

    Any of you offer Free CDN Hosting ? CDN means Content Delivery Network and is used to serve cached content to the user. This content is served based on geo location of the user. I know most hosting companies offer only paid CDN, but my site is not big and I don't require so big bandwith like...
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    Site CMS/Static

    Currently using WordPress as a CMS. But I'm thinking to make static pages, with HTML / PHP. For now I made the links page and the copyrights page without myql. Might do and the whole site in HTML, copy all the articles and pages to make them. html and use. htacces to remove .html extension from...
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    My review for KN WebHosting

    Host Name: http://knwebhosting.com/ http://www.rkwebhost.com is also their My Domain hosted: http://www.seo-friend.co.cc Review: This web host has plans for everyone. Let's say you are not so tech savvy, and you want to build your first page or a personal page, then you can chose the Free...
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    Mysql error

    Hello, when I approve a link in my php directory I get this error: Keywords shorter than 1 characters are ignored because of MySQL server settings. What can I do ? My hoster must change settings ? Which settings he must change ? Is the value of "NULL" seen as shorter than 1 character ? Because a...
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    Free hosting for directory

    I need a hosting for a directory, phpld or other. As i learned from sander k, this script will send many e-mails if will have good traffic. I hope this is not a problem with you. Can put a link to hoster. Website is not ready, I want to test things out, but I warn you from the begining that if...
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    Question about directory hosting

    I was submitting my website to directories today, when I saw a few directories had their account suspended. How is that ? Directory is not allowed on free hosting, on paid hosting or on both ? Did they got suspended because of high traffic ?
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    Remote MySQL

    Hello, I am looking for a remote mysql host, if it's possible for free. The reason is my webhost mysql servers are down, and I need a server to hold my site until mysql server is back, and to have a backup server if this happen again.