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  1. Dynash

    JavaScript "Hello" randomizer

    Hello FWS! It's been a good few years since I've done much coding of anything. I've started again since I've done bits here and there in work and I'm trying to re-do my personal website. The thing I'm having an issue with is having a area of my site display different languages of "Hello"...
  2. Dynash

    Free hosting

    Any free hosts "hiring" any admins/mods whatever else you want to call it in their org? I'm looking to get back into free hosting, if anyone is, send me a PM with your website and duties and what not. I'm not going to write out a whole CV here, if you want to know certain things, we can discuss...
  3. Dynash

    Antsta - New template

    Hey, Think I posted this before, but... I've added a new theme, not any new photography (just tidied up some), still trying to find those willing to share their work. It's not 100% complete, but the basics of everything is there. Would anyone care reviewing my site? including the...
  4. Dynash

    LongTalk JWPlayer 5 and YouTube HD

    Hey, Having a problem, and not being able to fix it or find the information on their forums. I'm using the JWPlayer v5, but I want to use my YouTube videos inside the player. I want to have the default playback at 720p - and have the HD plugin shown to have it selectable for playback in...
  5. Dynash

    Thunderbird RSS Feeds

    Anyone have any idea why Thunderbird decides to not show my feed content in the view area, but if I select the "Show Source" option it actually shows the content? Mail is fine, that works flawlessly. See image. edit: Nevermind, turning my PC off and coming on a day later, it seems to work...
  6. Dynash

    iPhone OS Clone

    Hey. Looking for any software, or of a safe way to 100% clone my current install of 3.1.3 iPhone OS. I don't want to use backups through iTunes, mine is jailbroken, and it's a pain to have to use SHSH's in Cydia to restore all my applications (but not sources) and then having to sort out my...
  7. Dynash

    Andriod on iPhone

    It's pretty sweet for what it is. http://linuxoniphone.blogspot.com/2010/04/ive-been-working-on-this-quietly-in.html
  8. Dynash

    iPhone 4G

    I think we can all safely say this IS the next iPhone. http://gizmodo.com/5520438/how-apple-lost-the-next-iphone http://www.engadget.com/2010/04/19/apples-4th-generation-iphone-revealed/ Gallery The comments about this guys life being possibly ruined, I doubt it. Yes he ----ed up...
  9. Dynash

    Opera Mini hits Appstore

    Rejoice! Instantly downloaded. :D
  10. Dynash

    iPhone OS 4.0

    lol. http://www.engadget.com/2010/04/08/live-from-apples-iphone-os-4-event/
  11. Dynash


    Yay :D http://webcast.cern.ch/lhcfirstphysics/ http://press.web.cern.ch/press/PressReleases/Releases2010/PR07.10E.html http://twitter.com/CERN Did anyone watch the live stream? I DID! Defiantly the start of a new Era!
  12. Dynash


    Hey, Can FWS install this addon? It just allows people with iPhone/iTouch's to browse the forum inside their app, without having to use the browser/full view. http://www.messageforums.net/iphoneforumreader.php
  13. Dynash

    UK shared cPanel/DA hosting with dedicated IP

    Titlle says it all. If you can match this, have their (GeekSRV) near-perfect 100% uptime consantly for over a year, offer me a dedicated IP and have been in business for a good few months & don't plan on selling for a LONG time, then show me your best offer. 1.5 Gigabytes Diskspace 50...
  14. Dynash

    PHP/MySQL and URL data.

    Hey, First time I've encountered this problem. Basically, I want to insert URL data into a field in my database. I get the URL from a form using $_POST. When the form is submitted it just returns an error I've tried addshasles, urlencode (hence the %3A etc). I've google'd for a while...
  15. Dynash

    iPod & Skype

    I'm closer to setting my iPod up to use it as a phone, but I'm wondering if there is a way to set Skype to call numbers/text when you click on the contacts info? I know I can add them directly into Skype (Which seems like my only choice right now). I'm already sure it will be impossible...
  16. Dynash

    Microsoft rips Plurk.

    Wow... http://blog.plurk.com/2009/12/14/microsoft-rips-plurk/
  17. Dynash

    iPod Touch 3G

    I'm curious if such a service exists in the UK. iPod > Wifi Connected to: 3G Receiver > Connected to 3G networks. I know they do in the USA, which is why I'm curious. I know they offer these dongles and cards in the UK too, but they're for laptops and are usually powered by USB.
  18. Dynash

    Modding laptop

    Hey! I've started modding my laptop and I'm nearly done, but I have one problem. I'm modding my VAIO and there's a REALLY huge gap between the monitor case and the monitor. It's roughly a centimeter. I'll take photos another time. But I'm up to the O and because of this gap, I don't know...
  19. Dynash

    British Internet - 2 Warnings for piracy, disconnected.

    It's happening. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/8328820.stm >: (
  20. Dynash

    Windows install, new GC.

    I need to install Windows on my desktop but I can't... I bought a new GC popped it in and used it, it's fine. but when the install disk boots up I can't get it to install. It gets the point where it says "Windows is checking your system hardware configuration" blah, then that's it. All...