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  1. J

    An apology by an idiot

    Hello FWS, It's been a long time. I want to do something I should have done a long time ago..... apologize, I ripped off a lot of people, I meant to start a real business and at first thats what I did, but there were a couple of people that I took advantage of and worst of all I lied to...
  2. J

    Building a Control Panel

    Me and my DEV Team are going to build a FREE linux control panel that will POSSIBLY go paid if it is successful. We are looking for people who are willing to volunteer their skills. It will still require a license however all developers will get unlimited free licenses.
  3. J

    Free VPS, Domains, Hosting, And MORE!

    Hello to you, Some of you may know me from my past attempts at free hosting... But i'll be honest there is just no ROOM for free hosts anymore. So now I'm back and with me I have brought MonkeyHosts.Com... We are a unique Post2Host service offering all the products you need. Come check...
  4. J

    Looking to partner :)

    Hello Fellow Hosts, My name is JohnnyD and I am here to make a little offer... We have been providing hosting for almost 6 years now but it's getting very lonely "A Small World" Networks would like to partner up and provide more services if possible, let me know and we can talk.
  5. J

    Looking for staff?

    Hello everyone. https://ewebify.com is currently looking for some support/abuse staff Support: your job will be just to answer support tickets and keep clients happy. Abuse: your job will mainly be to look through accounts and be sure nothing is there against our TOS. We (main site)...
  6. J


    A user came to my forum looking for hosting, and he did NOTHING but post warez!!! here are his details and before you start on me i shouldn't be making this public, i am only doing this to make sure everyone knows about him! Username: computerwis Email: farnlee77@gmail.com IP:
  7. J


    From Tues. July 20 to Wed. July 20 (12:00PM-12:00 PM) we will be live for 24 hours on a custom Radio Page, we will randomly give out hosting plans (at least one of each) that will be free for life. just listen and wit for instructions on how to get your prize !!! At Random times during the...
  8. J

    AcurateHubNetworks Review

    I have had a VPShosted by www.accuratehub.com so far there is no downtime, and one of the fastest support times i have ever seen, i love it way to go AHN
  9. J

    Insanity Networks - Temp. Offline

    While we are doing some small site maintenance our main site will be showing some 403 Forbidden Error, rest assured this is normal for what we are working on and we will be back on soon, i will keep you updated. -- Warm Regards, Johnathan Snyder Owner http://insanitynet.com Follow us on...
  10. J

    DirectAdmin Reseller.

    If possible i need a DA reseller to use for my free clients. ideal would be 10GB space 20GB BW unlimited features please post your offers.
  11. J

    Professional cPanel Shared+Reseller Hosting.

    ========================================== 1 Free Plan, 1 Ad-Supported Free Plan, now on to paid! ========================================== ++++++++++++++++ SHARED ++++++++++++++++ Silver Hosting - $1.50/Month Space: 2 GB Bandwidth: 4 GB 40 of every feature Diamond Hosting -...
  12. J

    Paypal & Visa?

    I have a business paypal, is it worth creating it and linking my Prepaid Visa to it?
  13. J


    I downloaded ubuntu for my netbook, and guess what it CRASHED! now they hang up when i call, never reply to my emails, and ignore any support requests. Because of them I lost everything, Never Use Ubuntu.
  14. J

    Name Changed Please

    can my name be changed to JohnnyD plz.
  15. J

    Free 20 gb resellers

    Insanity Networks Is Offering 5 resellers. 20 GB space 40 GB B/W Unlimited Features Our Page Is not Online but the main site is http://insanitynetworks.com Reply Fast
  16. J

    in need of staff???

    Are their any webhosts who require any type of staff. or is their anyone who would like to work with me for free. ???
  17. J

    Insanity Host Domain Change

    We Are Moving From InsanityHost.Org to InsanityNetworks.Com We MAY Also Move to IPB-3
  18. J


    Hello. I'm here advertising our Hosting service from Insanity Networks. We're a free web hosting company that has been active through many names and domains for going on 5 years and we're looking to stay. - SHARED - Copper Hosting Aluminum Hosting Silver Hosting Diamond Hosting...
  19. J

    WHM Master Reseller, All Proceeds to You

    I am looking for a cPanel/WHM Master Reseller, I will happily set up the payments to go to your account at a selected payment gateway. I would prefer something like... Disk Space: 50GB Bandwidth: 70GB per month cPanel/WHM: Yes Create Reseller Accounts: 60 Create cPanel Accounts: Unlimited...
  20. J

    Dragon Crazy, Free Web Hosting

    Hello. I'm here advertising our services of Insanity Networks. We're a free web hosting/design company that has been active through many names and domains for going on 5 years and we're looking to stay. Baby Dragon Space: 50MB Bandwidth: 70MB CGI Enabled : NO Frontpage Enabled: NO FTP...