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    PLEASE help me choose a pet fish.

    I am very fond of pet fishes. I love to grow a fish in a bowl at my table, they make me cheerful when I am at serious study. Actually, we have had many, really many, goldfishes and other tiny fishes, in a tank and most of them died, though some could live for a little more than a year. :cry2...
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    I am a vintage addict!

    Recently, I have become an addict to vintage computers. As its my vacation, I have a lot of time to mess with these computers (really, it is fun to torture these old comps). So, I purchased an old computer, with: Celeron 600Mhz 64MB SDRAM 5GB HDD I also have an Windows 98 SE disk lying...
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    Is it legal to...

    Sorry if I sound stupid... As all of us know that Microsoft ended support for all their operating systems till Windows XP SP1, I have a grave doubt. Does this mean we can freely distribute copies of Windows 95 or 98 to our friends? Though not many would take these even if one gives them...
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    Please Review

    Please review these sites: 1. http://ballz.ababa.net/mshiva/ Please do not say it is too simple. Because I want it to be like that. But if you have any suggetions for improving the look, without affecting it's loading speed very much, please let me know. 2...
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    New redirection?

    I found a new[?] redirection service. http://co.cc/ Have anybody used it. I still like co.nr
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    how can i register

    How can I register a domain name of 2 or 1 characters. For ex.: xx.com, 1.com, co.hy, 2.ki godaddy did not let me do it. also how much can it cost?
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    found a new blog, domain

    http://www.i.ph/ they provide blog and free tiny domain. I found it while browsing through linkmarket
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    Who is the first free host?

    I would like to know who is the first free hosting provider. Is it www.freeservers.com?
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    Need a blog Please help

    I am planing to set up a "news" blog, where I will report the happenings in and around my neighbourhood, I also expect people to comment over the articles I publish. The blog should support Unicode fonts, and Indian languages. Can someone guide me to the right choice? I am completely new...
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    These people claim to offer free domains.

    http://www.fanku.net/ They seem to provide free domains for a banner. I have come across many such, but everything requires posting, or getting high trafiic, but this one seems to be easy. Have anybody used their service?
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    How many languages do you live with?

    Please tell me how many languages you are familiar with and how many you are learning or would like to know. Let me start with myself: 1. Tamil - [It's my beloved mother tongue.] 2. English - [It's the sweet international language.] 3. Kannada - [It's the local language of...
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    decent free mail

    i need a free mail service with the following features: 1. super-fast interface 2. long inactivity period 3. no taglines 4. with or without ads, [but only text ads] i have tried gmail, but the name i wanted was already taken, please help... :-)
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    Reliable forum hosting

    I urgently require a free forum hosting service. The forum will be used to discuss very serious topics. It will also be used for many vital information sharing. Thediscussion will be purly community based. It will not contain any obscence talks. The features we need are: 1. Highly...
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    light-weight win xp theme

    I want a very light weight win xp theme because my computer is too slow with just 256mb ram. Can some one help me, please!?
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    free dns with free host?

    I would like to know, whether we can use a free dns service like afraid.org with any free host. If not, is there any host who gives such a feature.
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    cheapest tld?

    can somebody please tell me which is the cheapest tld(country or international). as far as i know, .co.in is available for 35$ for 10 yrs, and .info is available for 2$ for 1year
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    The ultimate free domain-like subdomain list

    I made this for newbies 1. http://www.co.nr/ button ads, no email redirect, you.co.nr 2. http://co.sr/ ads, no email redirect, you.co.sr 3. http://net.ms/ no ads, email redirect, you.net.ms 4. http://net.tf/ no ads, email redirect, you.net.tf 5. http://net.tc/ no ads, email redirect...
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    The ultimate free url redir list

    The ultimate free url redir list ( a "+" indicates they provide more such domains) vze.com + fr.st + da.ru uni.cc co.nr co.sr cq.bz + ubb.cc dot.tk go.to + us.tt + net.tc + net.tf + net.ms + je.ro + fx.to pk.cx fa.mu wb.st please add some more note that the service you...
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    frames HELP

    dot.tk ad destroy please view the 5th post
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    i have specific reqirements

    i want my site to be indexed very well in all search engines. so i need a very popular host. please hepl me.