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    Free Space Needed

    I need some small space: < 2GB Space < 2GB Bandwidth At least 5 subdomains At least 5 mysql databases I don't want to post on any forums, and I don't want ads on my site. This is a development site, there will be no traffic, just a place for me to edit and view my sites.
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    Shared Hosting needed

    Sorry for posting twice in 2 days, Realised I dont need reseller, couldnt edit the first post, and it got no replies anyway, Looking for a Cpanel host, WITH PHPMYADMIN (IMPORTANT) 1GB space, 10+ databases, 10+ ftps, 10+ addon domains. No ads No posts Will just generate much traffic...
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    Free Reseller, small limits, small account limit.

    I host a couple of websites, there nothing big, mainly to create my php/myslq programming scripts, so I need somewhere to host them. I do give my friends access to some scripts so I dont want to give them access to everything on the account, hense the request for a reseller. Wont be...
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    Reseller request..

    Looking for a cheap reseller account with about 10GB space and unlimited accounts and resources. (mysql, addons ect). I NEED to have access to remote databases outside of the server. I have been with a company who has this turned off, so I can not connect to my gameserver via my website...
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    Cheap Resellers.

    Looking for resellers below $10 Offers?
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    Vixile.com - Shared and Reseller/Master Reseller Plans

    Vixile Hosting offer a guarented 99.8% uptime, and a 28 day money back guarentee. We are also offering all new clients a 33% off all shared plans with coupon code "spring" and 25% off all reseller packages with the coupon "25off". We are also taking on staff for support, technical support...
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    Vixile.com (FREE, No ads, No posting) 350MB SPACE

    As an insentive, we are offering free webhosting to our clients. We are offering this service, so you can test our services, and then if you require more space, hopefully clients will sign up to our paid services. There is no tricks with our free hosting package. Fill in the form, get your...
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    need a simple cpanel host

    I need a cpanel host, i need to host 3 websites. No redirects if page doesnt exist. No funny cpanel pages Just a standard host with no mods. As much space as possible. Need 10 mysql, and 5 addons.
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    Can anyone host me a teamspeak server

    I need a teamspeak server as many slots as possible, and uptime all the time
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    Need Free Webspace

    Hey, I am looking to host a forum with around 400 active members. This website is for a clan, i dont want ads, or have to post. Purely Free hosting for the time being. **If service is fast and reliable, we will pay for hosting next month after trial. Around 1GB Space ? Also, does any...
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    Need Hosting

    Hey, Im after hosting for forums I need to host 2 domains, as much space as u can offer, with BW. No posting, no ads or links. Thanks. Ben
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    Looking for Cheap Reseller

    I need a master reseller that can host unlimited accounts 30GB Space Lots of BW Fast Connection WHM/CPANEL If have WHM Autopilot or some other automatic system will pay more.
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    Great Savings For The Summer! (wyrehost)

    Wyrehost is part of WyreNetork. We are built of multiple international websites, and we know what were doing when we come to the internet! Due to the summer time, the heat has got to our brains, and we are going mad with the plans. Take advantage of the great plans.. You will not be unhappy...
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    need a free client system

    Hey, for the time being untill i get some clients. I need a free client automatic system.. Any suggestions, any links at all..
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    Looking for a master reseller!

    Hey, I am looking for a riliable reseller. Requests - Only hosts that have been online for 1 year + If your price is higher than the post before dont post it! as much space + bw as possible!! Will be a contact client, looking for a minimum of 1 year.
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    Need Reseller

    5GB Space approx unlimited accounts Reseller!! Prices...
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    Need Host Within An Hour

    Basic requirements, 5GB Space 50GB Storage Up to 5 Domains 90+ uptime under $4 please GO GO GO...
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    Need a reseller

    Reseller.. What can you guys offer.. NO ADS, NO POSTING :( Sorry.. Can reffer people to your service.
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    Need 500MB

    I need 750MB space, and about 5GB Bandwidth. Will be hosting a forum.. Need 2 addon domains 5 mysql databases 10 sudomains :p
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    Need someone with a vbulletin licence to help me

    Hey, i need someone to put my email on there vbulletin customer priotry list so that I can access vbulletin.org Reason: I am a vbulletin coder, and i just sold my vbulletin licence, and now when i get a customer, and he wants a mod installed, i cant download it for him. Please add email...