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  1. sander k

    Web proxy hosting

    There used to be free web proxy hosting a couple of years ago in exchange for ads, are they still around? I have two 3 letter domains lying around.
  2. sander k


    Hi guys, I am looking for useless website links, I hope you understand what I mean. Links from websites that are useless Do you own any? Its for my website: https://zinlozewebsite.nl/
  3. sander k

    Cheap reseller with external backups

    Hi guys, I am looking for a cheap reseller with backups to an other server. It should allow a free host, with just fish tank related websites in Dutch or English. I am looking for at least 10gb of diskspace to start with and the possibility to upgrade. Make me an offer!
  4. sander k


    Hi mates, Apart from some spam... where is everyone?
  5. sander k


    Is there someone left here? I just noticed WSWD is still here, where is every one else?
  6. sander k

    WordPress:News Dashboard Widget

    I wrote this plugin for 2 free web hosts, both an active member on FWS. What ever free host you want to go, you will always be up to date on their news and/or announcements from your WordPress dashboard. Display the latest news of Gigarank free cPanel web hosting in your WordPress dashboard...
  7. sander k

    Wordpress WWW problem

    Hi guys, when I type my URL with WWW I get an error. How do I fix that? https://ribwhost.nl & https://www.ribwhost.nl I am using the latest version of WordPress.
  8. sander k


    How do you still make money with your (free) website(s) now a lot of people are using adblockers?
  9. sander k


    What happened? I saw a weird error the last few days.
  10. sander k

    PHPLD 5 sucks

    Hello guys, I want to alert you for PHP Link Directory 5.x. The installation is a pain in the *ss and there are loads of bugs. Also their support is terrible! Tickets are not replied to and forum support questions are simple ignored. That was a $25 waste of money. It looks like this script...
  11. sander k

    VPS or shared hosting.

    Hi guys, I am looking for a budget host, shared or a VPS to start a new Glype proxy site and upgrade when needed. What can you offer me? I prefer it to be located in the US.
  12. sander k

    Windows 10 nightmare

    Hello all, did you update to Windows 10 yet? i have done it twice, both times went wrong. I got Windows 8.1 Pro installed, upgraded to 10, but got the Home edition. I should have gotten the Pro. I went back to 8.1 like the support phone told me to do and tried again. But its the Home version again.
  13. sander k

    Change 403

    Hi all, How do i change the default 403 theme/page on a cPanel hosting account?
  14. sander k

    Reseller + WHMCS license

    Hello guys, I am looking for a WHM/cPanel reseller with a WHMCS license included in the deal. * Web space: at least 25GB * Bandwidth: at least 125GB a month * Automatic software installer like Fantactico or what ever. * Location doesn't really matter, tho the website will be in Dutch with Dutch...
  15. sander k

    Automated billing software in Dutch?

    Is there any good (free) automated billing software in Dutch? I tried BoxBilling but the Dutch translation doesn't work, the whole site stays in Dutch. I think that WHMCS is way to expensive! Unless one of you guys can give me a cheaper one?
  16. sander k

    forced ads from a reseller

    Are there any scripts or what ever to force ads from a WHM reseller account on all accounts in it? The server is mine, but i have all free clients within the same reseller account. Forced ads in the header or footer will be fine, or a popup thats oke too i guess.
  17. sander k

    PR1 SEO domain for sale

    Hello guys! Because I don't have enought time to keep up my website, I decided to let this one go. I am only selling the domain, not its content. You are allowed to copy/paste it tho. You can have the costum build WordPress template too, its responsive and works on all devices. You can...
  18. sander k

    Webhosting request: Shared hosting Space: 2000 Where: Anywhere is ok

    Request paid web hostingBudget? (optional) - Space? (optional) 2000 Bandwidth, traffic? (optional) 10 Datacenter location? (optional)Anywhere is ok Shared webhosting? VPS? Dedicated server?Shared hosting If you are going to host special content, please describe it (for instance video...
  19. sander k

    Dead webhost?

    Did your host just die some where last week? Then he proberbly was with Burst.net Your host couldnt do anything to save your website, he proberbly couldnt even safe his own. I hope that you learned one thing tho, always, ALWAYS make backups!
  20. sander k


    Does any one got a cheap RapidSSL certificate for me? I can pay through bank transfer or Paypal