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  1. Sain Cai

    Centered websites or columnar?

    As I have designed and redesigned a million websites, I have often gotten stuck on what websites look more appealing to people. Basic jist is would a centered website, with menus that drop down or those with columns on the side(s) with the links. A basic comparison: Columnar...
  2. Sain Cai

    Mobile Friendly layouts?

    I will be redesigning a website, but also wish to make one mobile friendly as graphics on the regular PC version may be too intensive for mobile viewing. My question is do I need to create a site specifically for mobile browsing, or should I hold back on the heavier graphics and make it so the...
  3. Sain Cai

    Why are reported hosts still posting?

    I have an issue and now needs to go public. I have reported UpReseller before for his allowing warez and nulled scripts. Evidently NOTHING was done as this host is still posting and showcasing his offshore hosting that openly states warez and nulled scripts are allowed. Sorry, I have a huge...
  4. Sain Cai


    After getting a bunch of spam lately on my Pats forum, I decided a different type of spam measures is needed. keyCAPTCHA requires a person to basically to assemble a puzzle, that isn't hard (4 pieces). Has anyone used this for phpbb3 (or any CMS) and if so how has it worked.
  5. Sain Cai

    Surgery went well for me

    For those who didn't know, I had surgery today (vasectomy). Since they gave me the uber good Oxycontin, I will be taking a little sabbatical as I will likely not be in the correct state of mind while posting and likely propose to Jan or something lol Talk to you guys in about a week.
  6. Sain Cai

    New Forum Posts on index page

    Is it just me or does the last 5 posts deal sometimes stretch the screen far to the right? Is that box really necessary? I would rather see some sort of expanded profile deal on the side.
  7. Sain Cai

    Requirements for posters

    Seeing how my question was deleted not once, but twice, I will now post the "suggestion" here. I feel that members, particularly hosts, should be required to make contributions to the forum/community or have some sort of periodic verification. Case in point is a certain host that seems to...
  8. Sain Cai

    Nobunaga's Archives

    Redesigned my Sengoku themed website: http://dragonthrone.namepad.net/, the layout is incorporated into wordpress. The website will be about games set during the Warring States period of Japan, also known as the Sengoku Era. Featured game series is Nobunaga's Ambition, a historical simulation...
  9. Sain Cai

    Happy Thanksgiving

    To those who celebrate Thanksgiving, have a safe and happy holiday!:chicken:
  10. Sain Cai

    Latest Infractions Received

    Is there a way to have these deleted after X amount of months? This is for ones that are expired/reversed/etc, not the ones I guess are permanent. For example I had 3 since I was here as shown: The second one was taken down as I am not a host. Anywho, I really don't like looking at them...
  11. Sain Cai

    Note to free hosts - Part 2

    Not sure why the other thread I made was closed, last post was only a month ago. Should be stickied ;) You may state "Well we do not want to have copycat plans, we wish to be unique" or something of the like. Here is the ultimate result: These people who have similar plans and have been in biz...
  12. Sain Cai

    Woot! Listed!

    Finally officially listed on the Yahoo Sports blogroll :D Hopefully this will give me some traffic.
  13. Sain Cai

    FWS needs to shape up

    I am at the point where I know I am about to be banned for openly complaining, but this type of crap needs to be nipped in the bud. Hosts that have nulled software on their sites, ie WHMCS, should not be allowed to post here. Idiots like iegyi who has already been busted for illegal shizzit on...
  14. Sain Cai

    30% off domain names from GoDaddy

    Got this in the mail
  15. Sain Cai

    .tk and co.cc free domain names

    Let me say they officially suck. co.cc accounts I guess are being banned from search engines and my .tk domain was cancelled for evidently no reason. While I realize that these domains come with no guarantee, there still is no logical reason why they have to cancel a domain. It certainly...
  16. Sain Cai

    Patriots Fanzone

    I recreated an old New England Patriots website (layout is from like 4 yrs ago), and altered the layout some. I incorporated the layout into Wordpress and phpbb3. I am hoping to get a few sports writers from the New England area to write columns for the site. Most sections are not finished, only...
  17. Sain Cai

    Should Youhosting resellers be banned here?

    Simply put, I see a lot of hosts burst out onto the scene with little or no knowledge of hosting, and simply "resell" youhosting. What are your thoughts on disallowing youhosting resellers?
  18. Sain Cai

    css help please

    I am recreating my New England Patriots community and currently integrating wordpress into the current layout. On some pages, at my current resolution of 1600 x 900, there is a pretty large gap where the footer image doesnt align with the bottom. The following image can be seen here or the...
  19. Sain Cai

    Old School Rap

    I will be one of the first people on this planet to state I cannot stand todays rap/hiphop/whatever its called, but I still have a thing for the stuff I grew up with in the 80s. A few of my favs are: Wheels of Steel - Gransmaster Flash Magics Wand - Whodini (alot of their stuff is good...
  20. Sain Cai

    Amazing Horse

    One of my buddies reminded me of a lil cartoon video I saw about a yr back: http://www.weebls-stuff.com/news/914/amazing-horse This is NOT kid friendly and there is a little section that may be NSFW. Funny nonetheless and hopefully acceptable to share in the forum.