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    Are you superstitious?

    Are you superstitious, i.e. do you believe in things such as Friday 13th being unlucky.
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    If you were an animal, what would you be?

    If you could be any animal on Earth, what would you be?
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    Is anyone still using anything below Windows XP?

    I just wondered if anyone here is using any Windows OS below XP, even though it is now 2011.
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    PHPBB Forums

    I was wondering what you thought of PHPBB as a forum solution, as I have heard it is not the best software to use for a forum.
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    Learning to drive

    I don't know about all of you, but I've failed quite a number of driving tests in recent years.
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    Would you ever live on the moon?

    Assuming there was ever public transport to the moon, would anyone ever live there?
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    Ad Dynamo

    Has anyone had any experience using this service, I have found it similar to Adsense in some ways, but not as good.
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    Cheapest place to get domain names

    What is the cheapest place to get domain names as I know prices vary throughout the Internet.
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    Free webhost advertising

    Does anyone know of any good places (apart from here) to advertise a free webhost?
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    Own Email vs Hosted Solution

    Which is normally best for a web hosting provider, hosting your own email server or having it hosted somewhere like Google?
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    What is the meaning of life?

    I'm sure this has been asked millions of times since the birth of the Internet, but what do all you think about this one?
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    Apache vs Others

    I have always considered Apache to be the best web server around, however I was wondering if any of you have had better experiences with other web server software.
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    PHP or PERL?

    Personally I think PHP is a far better programming language, haven't had much experience with Perl though.
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    FREE Web Hosting - No ADs - SSI & SSL Support - MYSQL - CGI/PERL

    Worlditsme offers the following hosting package to users: 100MB Webspace 1000MB Bandwidth PHP, CGI and SSI SSL Support MYSQL Database Referral scheme Subdomain URL For further information, please visit http://www.worlditsme.com
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    Open-source Control Panel Solutions

    Hi, Does anyone know of a good free open source control panel solution for a webhosting service? Thanks John
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    FREE Web Space - NO FORCED ADs - PHP - MYSQL - SSL - SSI - CGI

    Worlditsme offers the following web hosting package to it's users: 100MB Webspace 1000MB Bandwidth PHP, CGI and SSI 1 x MYSQL Database SSL Support Referral scheme Subdomain URL For further information, please visit http://www.worlditsme.com
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    PHP Version Upgrades On Webhosts

    I recently came across the news that some of the MYSQL features are being dropped from PHP5 and it got me thinking, is it a good idea to upgrade PHP on a webhost if client scripts are relying on some of these MYSQL commands.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I have noticed that a lot of my users, and I'm sure this applies to other hosts too, seem to be asking the following questions: Here are some answers for those of you less familiar with web hosting Q. Why won't my site work? A. You need to call your main file index.htm for static sites...
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    Commercial websites on free web hosts

    I have often wondered why businesses decide to use free webhosts even when there are paid alternatives available, depends on the business I suppose.
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    Reseller Host vs Own Host

    Personally I think starting your own host is better if you have the programming skills. as it gives you greater control over what features you can provide to customers.