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  1. NC_TOM

    Hey, I'm back

    Does anyone remember me or remember NetCabins from a few years ago? I'm amazed at how many people are still posting here from years ago. I stopped posting here when I got out of hosting and got more of a social life offline but coming back here now, I see it's still a cool place to post even...
  2. NC_TOM

    FREEStores.Biz: Any info?

    I got a spam mail today from an affiliate of FREEStores.Biz. It was NOT actually from the webmaster of the site. Just from one of their affiliates who is spamming the affiliate URL. They look decent and they claim to pay $3 per sale on your own co-branded "free stuff" site where your visitors...
  3. NC_TOM

    New whois service: myWHO.com

    I've started a new whois service which can be found at myWHO.com . I've used Qwho.com for a long time now just because the domain is short and easy to remember. However, the service is down sometimes and slow most of the time. I decided to set up another short, easy to remember whois service...
  4. NC_TOM

    Custom Logo special JUST $25 for FWS members only!

    TheWebMakers.biz is offering for a limited time, to FWS members only, a custom logo for your site for only $25. This offer is not available on our website. To request a logo, PM me. Tell me: the site where the logo will be (optional way for us to match the logo to the rest of the site)...
  5. NC_TOM

    ActiveX will not run through my browser

    I'm having continued problems with my browser. ActiveX controls will not run off web sites when I run into them. My security settings should allow ActiveX controls to work, however I'm still having problems with them. Can anyone please help me out here and tell me what to do?
  6. NC_TOM

    Windows Update stopped working.. Help!

    Ok. I had some problems with IE so I used IERadicator to remove it from my computer. I then reinstalled it. However, now when I try to go to windowsupdate.microsoft.com for updates, I get an error message instead of getting the normal Windows Update website. This is the error I get...
  7. NC_TOM

    Can I remove Windows 2000 Service Pack 2??

    I need to remove Internet Explorer and do a reinstall. My browser was messed up by some malicious java or something awhile back. I'd rather stick with Internet Explorer rather than Opera. I downloaded IERadicator however it does not work with Service Pack 2 installed. If I can remove Service...
  8. NC_TOM

    Aww the domain I want is taken!!

    I really wanted to register http://www.jl29jd25sm24mc29.com because it's short, simple, and easy to remember. However, I'm out of luck because it's already taken. I got a popup residing on this domain a few minutes ago. :rolleyes:
  9. NC_TOM

    Adult host directory?

    Any way we can set up an age verification system that leads to a directory of adult web hosts? People come in here frequently looking for adult hosting, and adult hosts have been popping up left and right lately. Seems like it could be a useful addition to the site if it's set up right.
  10. NC_TOM

    Interesting article

    http://www.msnbc.com/news/730950.asp#BODY MSNBC talks about recent changes in the advertising industry.
  11. NC_TOM

    Police Ware??

    http://www.stoppoliceware.com Sign the petition. Supposedly, the government is trying to have Police Ware installed on all new computers. Violation of the Police Ware could mean 5 years in prison and/or a $500,000 fine. This includes removing the Police Ware from your system or using...
  12. NC_TOM

    FWS speed

    Is it just me, or is FWS loading slow today?
  13. NC_TOM

    Looking for a technician. List your credentials..

    Hi, I'm looking for a technician or two to help out with .. a certain web hosting company .. that I'm setting up. I need someone with the following knowledge and experience: Configuring RedHat Linux Knowing your way around the OS via SSH Install software and modules Security-related...
  14. NC_TOM

    Hotmail account freeze policy

    Here's an email I got from Hotmail. Looks like they're making another desperate attempt to get users to upgrade to paying service. It used to be that if you go over the 2 mb limit, you have a few days to cut down your account size. Under the new policy, once you reach 2 mb, your account is...
  15. NC_TOM

    YEAH!! Got a new truck!!

    Getting my new Mazda pickup this weekend. It's nice. :D Here it is...
  16. NC_TOM

    YES!! My poverty is soon to end!!

    I sold my car today! I'll be getting $400/month over the next year for it! I'll no longer be poor! :D :D :D
  17. NC_TOM

    Which forum uses the least server resources?

    Well, which forum uses the least server resources when it's running several instances on a server? For example of what I mean, would 1000 YaBB forums or 1000 PhpBB2 forums use the most resources? If you vote "Other" then please specify which forum you think uses the least server resources.
  18. NC_TOM

    New FWP - FreeHostGlobal.com

    http://www.freehostglobal.com These guys claim to offer only 2 megs however this comes with CGI support, no ads, and a very fast server.
  19. NC_TOM

    Professional web design and programming services

    Hey, TheWebMakers.biz provides top-quality design services. We are simply the best solution for anyone who needs a professional, user-friendly web design. Our prices are among the lowest in the industry. Check us out for web design, programming, and consulting services! :cool2:
  20. NC_TOM

    About D3Ads

    I'm throwing the two threads started by El_Tee. They seem just a bit too scandalous. D3Ads you're welcome to start one thread introducing your network to our forum. We won't have any anonymous bashing of ad networks, El_Tee. It hurts new networks the most as they have no reputation...