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  1. Wojtek

    Milf Hunter

  2. Wojtek

    Fired or Not Fired?

    Long story short, me and a coworker screwed up big time and reformatted the wrong NAS. As a result the call center lost 4TB worth of recordings spanning from yesterday to 2008, which they contractually need to keep. Fired or Not Fired? I'll know tomorrow
  3. Wojtek

    Dissolve The CRTC

    http://dissolvethecrtc.ca/ yea yea I know, another petition.... Now sign it.
  4. Wojtek

    Fake Tities

    http://www.smh.com.au/world/mutilated-model-identified-by-breast-implants-20090822-eu43.html Now that's an ingenious way to use those fake tities
  5. Wojtek

    Sexiest case ever?

    This has to be the sexiest htpc case ever. Fits a full size atx mobo and psu, 5 hdd's and a real gfx card. Though bit pricy at 420$ (or 620$ cdn with taxes, shipping and currency conversion) :(
  6. Wojtek


    My sister recently acquired the Sims 3 but her onboard video only allows to play at 640x480 with everything on minimum :p So I decided to get her a video card so she could enjoy the game better. Now I didn't want to spend alot as that's probably the only game she'll play. The pc is one of...
  7. Wojtek


    NC State student arrested for creating Barrel Monster http://www.autoblog.com/2009/06/12/barrel-fever-nc-state-student-arrested-for-creating-barrel-mons/
  8. Wojtek

    Gmail's spam filter broken?

    For the past 2-3 days I've been getting an incredible amount of spam in my inbox. Until that time pretty much all was caught by it's spam filter. Anyone having the same issue?
  9. Wojtek

    PHP 'filesize' ok if ran through ssh, error in web browser

    Hello there, I've moved a simple script from one server to the other and something is making it not work on the new one. It has to read the filesize of a file and display it. If I run it through ssh with 'php script.php', the html it outputs is ok and the size is displayed. If however I...
  10. Wojtek

    We have no chairs in Canada

    http://canadapost.ca/cpo/mr/assets/images/banners/en/epost_F_en.jpg Who uses a laptop like that?
  11. Wojtek

    I send you interac email payment, you send me paypal

    I'd need someone to do me a favor. Being impatient and needing to purchase an item on ebay, I don't want to wait 10 business days for my paypal echeck to clear before they ship. What'd I like to do is I'd send you a sum of money via interac email, and you'd send it back to me via paypal. I...
  12. Wojtek

    Ibm X60 or Dell D430

    Following up my previous thread, I've decided to go used. No 10" atom netbook. My last two choices are: - Ibm Thinkpad X60 - Dell D430 Both are 12" screens, no optical drive, weight 3.2Lbs, have a 6-7 hour battery life and have the eraserhead mouse which I love. Ibm X60 Pros: - Core...
  13. Wojtek

    New Atom or Older Pentium M

    If you had to buy a laptop in the 10-12" screen range. Would you go for the new atom netbooks or older stuff. I'm currently debating between a Lenovo Ideapad S10 or an IBM Thinkpad X40 (1.4 Pentium M from 2004) Both will end up at about the same price. The planned usage is mostly just...
  14. Wojtek

    Would you buy?

    The following 'hand-painted canvas' wall decoration caught my eye: 122cm x 122cm 499 +TX worth it?
  15. Wojtek

    Poster needed - Weeky Paypal Salary

    I am looking for someone for a simple 100 per day yahoo answers copy/paste job. Perfect after-school activity. This is a permanent job and I am looking for someone that I can trust for long term. I will pay weekly salary by paypal. Lowest bidder takes it :) PM me for more information.
  16. Wojtek

    Only in america.

    http://timesonline.typepad.com/schoolgate/2009/04/the-girl-suspended-from-school-for-taking-her-birthcontrol-pill.html :rolleyes: Tylenol Kills!
  17. Wojtek

    MySQL order by x, limit by y, and reorder by z

    So I'd like to do the following: Pull up the last 8 items ordered by added date, and reoder them randomly. Unfortunately the following: SELECT * FROM table ORDER BY added DESC LIMIT 8 ORDER BY RAND() does not work :( Any ideas?
  18. Wojtek

    Best way to create OS Install recovery partition

    I've got this friend who manages to screw up his pc every few months and it always ends up wth me having to reinstall his windows. He got a new pc and I'm going to build it over the weekend. Now, I'd like to create him a restore partition so if he screws up again he could reload it in a mater...
  19. Wojtek

    I won the lotto!

    Well not quite, but it's still my lucky day. I found a 30gb ipod on the sidewalk :) And it still works!