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    Seeking reliable host for a forum.

    I could offer you our: Shared Plan Space:1GB Bandwidth:2.5GB MySQL Databases:5 Parked Domains:1 Sub-Domains:5 For - £2.99/monthly Shared+ Plan Space:2GB Bandwidth:5GB MySQL Databases:5 Parked Domains:2 Sub-Domains:5 For - £4.99/monthly We are thinking about repricing or...
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    Upgrading vBulletin

    It's actually all messages going off screen due to this missing image, the missing image URL is: http://www.freewebspace.net/multiquote_40b.png @ThePro No it's an 19" LCD monitor.
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    Time to rebuild my host spread

    Yes, also true.
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    Time to rebuild my host spread

    Ok here it is - ColorHost: Long story --> Short Upstream provider - fakes illnesses(heart attacks and comas), and conveniently 'forgets' to pay for all his servers except for his main one with his site ColorHost - Then suffers as a consequence. Lesson here, learn more about your upstream...
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    Upgrading vBulletin

    I too preferred the old design, are there any plans to incorporate the old design into the upgraded forums? Edit: Also there are images missing and a lot of things out of place going off screen for me (1024x768)
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    Internet Speed

    I usually get this on any computer/laptop/iOS device.
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    free hosting trusted for university site

    (Sorry, no offence but-)Also if it was a university wouldn't the spelling and grammar be more sophisticated?
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    Gaming Host

    I don't completely agree with you that hosting should (always) be free as a lot of people go to the trouble of paying server costs, buying software for the said servers. However I agree that it does spread experience in setting up websites ect. I'd like to help you, I can offer: 2GB Space 5GB...
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    Free Shoutcast panel?

    Your be lucky to find a free one, they nearest you'd get is nulled and I really DO NOT recommend that!
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    DNS + Kloxo?

    You could buy or ask Kevin for one, he sells them for $1.50 for each extra one.
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    Best PayPal-Paying Advertiser

    Thanks Sander, I'll check them. Also can we not be trolling each other :/
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    Hosting Needed.

    I know but we can sort out free for some people to help them out. You can contact us on Live Support on there or on here, we are still just sorting out our contact form after a scripting error.
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    Paid web hosting that supports streaming music?

    I would recommend a shoutcast stream for that, it is basically an online radio. Although starting an online streaming service has a lot of competition from GrooveShark and Dizzler ect
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    Good host needed

    True, it is easy to assume it's legal. However it won't be on our servers so won't be as bad. We don't allow any illegal content on our servers and we do actively monitor them!
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    Hosting Needed.

    We have our servers based in the Netherlands and can offer you 3GB space 12 GB bandwidth We will also install the blogging script of your choice for you. If you need any more info contact our live support at http://vivumedia.co.uk/services/hosting.html I hope we can help :)
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    Good host needed

    We may be able to help you as we have offshore servers, I could offer you our Shared+ plan: 2GB disk space 5GB bandwidth 5 Databases, Sub Domains and FTP Accounts 2 Parked Domains Unlimited features For £4.99 monthly Or we can sort out a custom plan on our live support over at...
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    Anyone use a whois lookup tool? Which do you use?

    I use http://who.is/whois
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    Best PayPal-Paying Advertiser

    Thanks, AdBrite is check only, I'll check the one you just said tomorrow. I've used Bidvertiser but their ads are unrelated and not always a good payout.
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    I have problems with my computer

    I prefer http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Computer+won%27t+start+and+beeps
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    I have problems with my computer

    If your computer won't start I'm just wondering how you're posting this. Do you have other computers/laptops or are you on a mobile phone?