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  1. stuffradio

    Company/Corporation of your dreams

    If you could work for any company or corporation of your dreams, which one, where and why? I'm not sure which one I would yet. If I could choose any in the world, I think I'd want one that would allow me to work somewhere and keep growing my own food since I love that. I don't know which...
  2. stuffradio

    Daylight savings

    Sadly, it's ending this weekend. Remember to put your clock back an hour if you observe DST! I'll start a countdown until the start of it for March 2013. :D
  3. stuffradio

    Spring Forward

    Just thought I'd keep up with my near 7 year tradition, or however long it was when I did the first one, 4 weeks until Spring forward!
  4. stuffradio


    I adopted a 2 year old yellow lab mix last week from the US. His name is Bubba.
  5. stuffradio


    We had a 6.4 or 6.7 magnitude Earthquake today. Minor damage reported. I didn't feel anything, but an ice rink at a city less than 2 hours away from me had its Ice crack and lift, and they had to evacuate the building. LeX was much closer to the quake, but not everyone felt anything like me...
  6. stuffradio

    Steve Jobs resigns

    Steve Jobs has just resigned as CEO at Apple. That's huge news in the tech world, and I can expect the stock prices to take a big hit because of that.
  7. stuffradio

    IE 9 developer tools

    You know, IE 9 has been saving me lately. FireFox doesn't have anything built in that tells you what files are being fetched, etc. Only now are they adding things that let you inspect elements like how Firebug did. Can't believe IE 9 has been saving me in different situations haha.
  8. stuffradio

    Diablo 3

    Anyone going to get this or try it? There was another video of gameplay released just last week.
  9. stuffradio

    Google+ invites

    Can anyone send me one? I'll offer them out to people also if I get one :)
  10. stuffradio

    Wait wait wait

    Google does a search Engine!?
  11. stuffradio

    Round 4 predictions

    I predict Canucks vs. Tampa Bay. There are only 4 possible matchups. Canucks/Sharks vs. Lightning/Bruins
  12. stuffradio

    .NET framework installed

    I'm developing a piece of software for someone... and I'm trying to figure out what is the most commonly installed version of .NET framework. I might need to make it require .NET version 4.0, but if I have to I'm trying to make .NET 3.5 the minimum requirement. I have almost all versions...
  13. stuffradio

    Orcas eating Sharks

    On Sunday, the great showdown of Orcas and Sharks will begin. We all know the Orcas will win :)
  14. stuffradio

    Next Avatar

    All hail the "Next Avatar" thread! Every now and then, I change my Avatar. What should it be next? Why am I making this thread? Because I feel like it :) Note: I have the right to refuse any suggestions made by anyone :D
  15. stuffradio

    Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

    You guys should watch the show. He was putting a lot of pressure on the restaurant owner in this episode, but it's a good show anyways.
  16. stuffradio

    Playoff sprit

    In the light of the Playoff spirit, I deplore you all to watch this video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPgxF8kOE_0
  17. stuffradio

    Youtube Live

    It launched today. Have you guys tried it, what do you think?
  18. stuffradio


    Here's an interesting topic. How many of you go to bed early? Since we all know we need sleep, if you answered that you don't go to bed early... do you not do it because going to bed early is for babies and old people, or is it just because you are a night owl? For me, it's not always hard to...
  19. stuffradio


    Are any of you readers thinking more about growing your own vegetables given the rising global food prices or are just thinking that you want to do it just because? I'd be interested to know how many people are that visit this forum.
  20. stuffradio

    Water Demands

    What do you guys think will happen in the world when most of the world runs out of a big chunk of water? As in barely enough to do anything in one day. I'm pretty sure Canada will weather most if not all water droughts, but we can't accept everyone in the world into our country to live. So...