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  1. Zombie

    So... v2

    Since you think that was all that was needed with that thread I'm forced to make a new one. So, how long am I banned from neg rep?
  2. Zombie

    You're suddenly overcome with a feeling of terror!

    The Zombie Apocalypse has begun yet again! :wave:
  3. Zombie


    Banned from negative rep? okguy :shame: why.
  4. Zombie

    New Rule

    So, leave it to me to think of a new rule (right lol) But since we have rules in place for the hosts (in a general aspect) but I think some limits should be in place for other hosts...
  5. Zombie


    just a test
  6. Zombie


    Actually legit, and not full of flame? Put the androidvps thread in TTR
  7. Zombie

    Post to Host mixed with a game.

    So I've had this insane idea. I've been working on a game, and its at the point for guinea pigs. They could play a game and report bugs as well as suggest to help make the game better as the game would actually be separate from the host. And through all my crazy plans and plots I think both...
  8. Zombie


    I'm not gonna lie, I hate him but... he seems to have revived /fws/ note: don't delete, not a hate thread
  9. Zombie

    Email Notifications

    I've noticed that I'm not receiving them again, anyone else not receiving them?
  10. Zombie

    What do you want?

    Well, I'm sure this is a frequent question but I intend to start another free host, one I'll be entirely dedicated to. I have learned many things in the free host department but I want to hear from others and potential users their opinions. Something I want to know most is, would you...
  11. Zombie

    im bored

    whats there todo on the internet when you dont wanna do ----?
  12. Zombie

    How you holding up?

    Anyone here in the path of Irene?
  13. Zombie

    What the hell...

    http://www.freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?2241364-Hi-I-m-Zombie Locked... why?
  14. Zombie

    Spice, opinions?

    Well, recently I've had DCFS up my --- and smoking pot is bad so I ultimately if I wanna continue with a relaxation high. I must switch to spice. Can I get any opinions thoughts or suggestions? Haters can leave.
  15. Zombie

    Hi I'm Zombie

    I'm new here
  16. Zombie

    Request for TTR

    http://www.freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?2240730-0poundhosting-free-unlimited-hosting/ I've had alot of humor in this thread, its ridiculously stupid. I think this would be a good addition just for laughs sake? I know I'm probably gonna get an infraction on some posts in that thread...
  17. Zombie

    Its a raid!

    http://www.khou.com/news/texas-news/Mob-rush-of-Dallas-store-caught-on-camera-125225749.html Wow.
  18. Zombie

    What the?

    Who deleted my 'Whats with the kids?' thread in Free Hosting Discussions. It bashed no members, no hosts, and no specific persons. It was a minirant about how the free hosting industry is full of retarded kids. Where'd it go and why? Jan I assume?
  19. Zombie


    Google doesn't think FWS is you.
  20. Zombie

    PS3 hackings.

    Paid off for us. http://us.playstation.com/psn/welcome-back/?CMP=EMC&ATT=AT4Z4_PSNWelcomeBackEM&psu=0873156210&email=welovepenis@freewebspace.net