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  1. iBrightDev


    Paging @themoose... Happy birthday buddy.
  2. iBrightDev

    Ultimate Bon Jovi - A Bon Jovi Tribute Band Site... Please review

    please let me know your thoughts, likes, dislikes on a site I just launched for my friend's tribute band... http://www.ultimatebonjovi.com/
  3. iBrightDev


    anyone here work with Smarty that can help me with a simple contact form?
  4. iBrightDev

    logo review...

    here is a logo i did for a new startup. thoughts? large image
  5. iBrightDev

    review layout

    here is a recent mockup for a site i'm working on. thoughts? large image here
  6. iBrightDev


    WTF is going on here. I posted a nice thread with a ligament question, and instead of an answer, the thread gets deleted. I was not rude and did not attach anyone in any shape or form. what the heck is going on here? you know, i made the comment that with the new crazy antics of how things...
  7. iBrightDev

    The Ultimate Flaming Thread (UFT)

    now now, i know what you guys were hoping for, but, i'm giving you something even better. post the funniest but gayest pics you have ever seen. :D
  8. iBrightDev

    The HAHA Thread

    post things you find amusing. here i will start. HAHA, the NEW longest thread got closed after one post. hahahaha
  9. iBrightDev

    determining last business day...

    so yeah, i had to create some code to determine what the last business day of the month is each month dynamically so that we could have a link and some text go away for the last business day. this task seemed super easy till they started throwing in things like, if the last business day is on a...
  10. iBrightDev

    hey everyone...

    i like rubber baby buggy bumpers, how about you? click here to enlarge your penis p.s. this thread is a joke
  11. iBrightDev

    Only in Australia...

    nuff said...
  12. iBrightDev

    feel like spreading some + around

    so, people are always complaining about the -rep they get but never spreading some +rep around when they get some from someone. so, for everyone that feels they have deserved some +rep at one point or another, point me to a post that you think deserves +rep, and I will spread some love to you...
  13. iBrightDev

    Recommend Me...

    Hey everyone, I'm using Stik.com to build my professional reputation. Please visit my profile and click the "Recommend" button to support me by visiting http://www.stik.com/jstgermain I will recommend anyone back that recommends me. Thanks in advance for helping :)
  14. iBrightDev

    need some help...

    hey guys/gals, I have known most of you for quite some time now, and I would appreciate getting a hand in some voting for my new design on my site. I still have some dummy text on a couple pages since my content writer hasnt finished writing what i need, but, other than that, the design is...
  15. iBrightDev


    steak egg and cheese burrito. i want one. go get me one. thanks is all.
  16. iBrightDev

    Amazon MWS Class

    so, i know amazon has an API that you are able to utilize, but, i found it pretty confusing and more than what i need for a current project, so, i started building a much smaller PHP object. feel free to use it. I will be changing it and adding on more features, but, you can at least get the...
  17. iBrightDev

    Post your jokes

    im sure you all get funny e-mails too, post them or your original jokes here... btw, if i like your joke and havent heard it before, i will give +rep. :) Three retirees, each with a hearing loss, were playing golf one fine March day. One remarked to the other, 'Windy, isn't it?' 'No,' the...
  18. iBrightDev

    Awesome Geek Tools...

    so, my bday was yesterday, thanks to everyone that wrote to me, but, one of the cool things i got was this awesome geek hard drive clock that this local artist makes out of old hard drives. if you get an itch to get one too, you can get them at Time Recycled just thought it was cool...
  19. iBrightDev

    High Resolution Photos

    Hey guys, I'm bored and looking to do some photo manipulation stuff, just for fun and practice. If you have high res photos, preferably RAW images, or know someone that has some, and wouldnt mind sharing them with me, I would really appreciate it. you can e-mail them to me or drop box them...
  20. iBrightDev

    Popcorn question for the Canadians...stfuradio

    so, my buddy at work was talking about some sort of spicy salt that Canadian movie theaters put on popcorn, and we are trying to figure out what it is. anyone know?