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  1. sarmth

    Ultra Fast Google and AWS cPanel Cloud Hosting

    Looking for a new webhost that wont break the bank? We have you covered! // Featured Plan // Professional cPanel Cloud Hosting Your Choice of location (US Central or Sydney Australia) • 200GB Space • Unlimited Bandwidth • Free Domain Name (IF yearly) • Free SSL Certificate (IF yearly) • Free...
  2. sarmth

    My new MacBook Air

    ^_^ I just got my hands on a 2011 MacBook Air i7 4GB Ram 256GB SSD HDD... I'm actually really happy, because this is a computer I can carry around with me at University ^_^ Anyone else get a new computer recently?
  3. sarmth

    Oh No!!! OH NO!

    Oh no guys.... I've reached 666 posts!
  4. sarmth

    Free Hosting for Not-For-Profits

    Hi Everyone, I represent BizzNET, a registered Australian business. BizzNET is looking for parties interested in receiving free hosting for their not-for-profit (must be legally registered with verifiable NFP Registration Number) Please send me an email; sarah [dot] allen [at] bizz [dot] net...
  5. sarmth

    Custom Responsive Webdesign for only $5!

    Hi Everyone. I'm expanding my portfolio, and as such I'm offering custom website design for only $5 on Fiverr. This offer is for a Responsive Website Design made with Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery and will be HTML5 Compliant. For more information, please see my website here...
  6. sarmth

    Request for free hosting

    Hi Everyone. I'm posting this on behalf of a good friend of mine, she is currently seeking cPanel web hosting for her small wordpress blog. Specs; 2-5 GB space. Over 20GB Transfer (bandwidth) cPanel Must be allowed to host WordPress. Thanks everyone!
  7. sarmth

    Feedback on new design

    Hi guys. So, I've been living underneath a rock for some time now, and only recently heard about these Responsive Website Designs (apparently google looks favourably on them :wink2:) Considering this, I did some research and came across twitter bootstrap, as well as font-awesome and a jQuery...
  8. sarmth

    Your daily coffee intake!

    Hi Everyone! I'm quite curious how much coffee you consume in comparison to myself. I'm a University student, and tend to wake up in the morning to a cup of Café Americano (quite a strong black coffee, with a powerful kick to it) On average, I won't consume more than about 3 of these per...
  9. sarmth

    List of Domain Names for sale.

    Hi Everyone, Please send any offers for the following domain names, they can be purchased either as a package, or individually, no reasonable offer will be refused, please note the cost is on top of transfer costs to your selected registrar (You need to pay to transfer the domain name, and...
  10. sarmth

    Sii---x Hundred!

    Actually, if we were in New Zealand it would be more like --- Hundrid rather then Six Hundred ^_^ Hope everyone is having a great day, I sure do miss the good old days when this place was bustling with life... :ninja:
  11. sarmth

    Dedicated Server Request.

    Hi Everyone. On behalf of a client, I am looking for a server which competes with the below specifications and price. Quad Core XEON CPU (E3-1230v1) 32GB RAM 500GB HDD 100mbps uplink 10TB bandwidth CentOS 6.2 x64 Price of $145 USD a month accepting PayPal It is to host a drupal...
  12. sarmth

    Rackspace have a slide in their HQ ??

    Check out the inside view of Rackspace HQ, http://t.co/EQENrcL2CH I was browsing through there, and they have a really fun looking slide that you can take to go down from the second floor, to the first floor fast and easily. :D I'm so Jelly!
  13. sarmth

    Anyone want to install an SSL Certificate for me for $10 USD?

    Good SSL Wholesale Suppliers? Hey guys. Anyone know of some good SSL wholesale providers?
  14. sarmth

    16GB Quad Xeon Dedicated Server from $65! No Setup!

    Hi Everyone. WestDesigns has been servicing the hosting industry, and various other industries with Website Design, Development and Hosting. We have been opperating since 2010 and are a registered business in the country of Australia. We pride ourselves on providing the best level of quality...
  15. sarmth

    Be your own Domain Registrar!!!

    Hey everyone. Ever wanted to sell your own your.something ? or at least... Something like that ? I just saw this Domain on Sedo... It's going for $1,700, but hell. If I had the cash laying around, I'd get it. Z.AI is the domain name! You could sell your own your.z.ai to people...
  16. sarmth

    Australian DataCentre - Windows VPS $1 for the first 6 months, no obligation.

    Hey guys. I know I post a lot of crap here, but this is an offer provided by the best hosting company I have used in Australia called Web24. More info on the deal below; http://www.web24.com.au/windowsVPS/10017/tryhyperv.html Please Note: I am not a web24 or Crazydomain employee...
  17. sarmth

    Google Datacenter

    I know this was tweated by FWS, but heck, I think it's worthy of a discussion thread right here; http://www.google.com/about/datacenters/gallery/#/all Google have released information and photos of their datacenters. And just looking at them, you kinda have to admit, they are pretty cool...
  18. sarmth

    Burst.Net = Pain in the ---!

    Hi All. Just sharing my loving feelings towards BurstNet. So, last night at around 1 - 2 am, I ordered a new VPS from BurstNet (I am an existing customer with a currently active service and no negative billing history) the order failed at the fraud verification (It didn't fail when I got...
  19. sarmth

    $1 .ASIA and $4 .NET $5 .COM domain names!

    Ok, let me start by saying, I am in no way affiliated with CrazyDomains, I am just a customer of theirs. However, I have noticed the best domain name deal (I have seen in the last 4 years) ASIA - $1.00AUD NET - $4.00AUD COM - $5.00AUD http://crazydomains.com.au/
  20. sarmth

    I've been a busy girl...

    Ok, so, those of you who know me.. I pop in here at seemingly random times with outragious ideas and opinions, not to mention the outragious projects I work on... Seems each time I log on here, I have a new project, seemingly more complex then the last. I am letting you all know, I have now...