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  1. Archbob

    Free hosts that you used that are now dead

    So what free hosting services have people used in the past that are now dead(or not free anymore)? For me its been: arealcity geocities webjump crosswinds(no longer free) There are others but I can remember those. I've been on paid hosting now for like 8-9 years so its a distant...
  2. Archbob

    Halloween Costume

    What are you guys doing for Halloween? Might just do drag or be a ninja or maybe combine the two and be a drag-queen ninja.
  3. Archbob

    So, anyone know where scriptmafia is hosted?

    Hi, So does anyone know where http://scriptmafia.org is hosted. Its an illegal site that specializes in nulling copyright scripts. I was notified that the owner may be trying to null on of my scripts so I have an interested in getting it taken down.
  4. Archbob

    Free webhosting from namecities

    NameCities.com is offering free web hosting with no forced ads. Some of the features can be found below: - 2000 MB Storage Space - 100000 MB Bandwidth - php/MySQL Enabled - phpMyAdmin - Wordpress - Joomla - phpBB - Mambo - Dual Core Server - No Forced Ads - AWStats - One-Click...
  5. Archbob

    How many here have paid accounts they are not using?

    So I've had this windows account with gate2vn.net for like 2 years now and I have not really touched it. Its a account with 500mb space and 20 GB bandwidth with .NET and MYSQL support. I keep paying for it each month and plan to continue doing so just in case I might want to delve deeper into...
  6. Archbob

    1 free hosting account

    I am not a free host but I am offering 1 small free account with strict requirements. 1. You must currently have a site 2. Your site must be about the subject of technology IT/Webmaster topics/programming 3. I do require 1 text link back to http://www.chipmunk-scripts.com on all pages in...
  7. Archbob

    Need really large hosting

    Ok guys, I need a free dedicated cluster setup for this one site I plan on hosting today. The site will be for an April Fools Joke site. I plan to have it up soon and it will recieve literally tens of millions of hits within the day. I plan to spam really large lists of emails with links...
  8. Archbob

    What are you hosted on?

    Ok, so most of us here are webmasters of some sort or other. So i'm wondering what everyone's site(s) are hosted on. Choices are: 1) I host myself 2) Shared hosting 3) I'm a reseller 4) I'm on a VPS 5) I'm on a dedicated If you have VPS or dedicated, please indicate what specs you...
  9. Archbob

    Need advanced java hosting

    Here what I'm looking for: Spring framework Tomcat Ecilpse server Struts I need these features for under $40/month. Any hosting company that can offer this?
  10. Archbob

    Review my bloghosting site

    So, I'm not very good at PS or graphics editing generally, so I've used the same basic layout for all my sites. Easy coloring and spaced layout, traditional 3-column. I think its a bit plain right now. http://www.ferretfusion.com Comments?
  11. Archbob

    Simple 1 pge template

    Hi, I was wanting to redesign just my frontpage. My gaming site http://www.java-gaming.com into a frontpage like http://www.arcadtown.com . It looks more organized. Of course, I don't want it to be excalty like arcadetown but something like it. Plus I need a somewhat decent logo. I'd be willing...
  12. Archbob

    Size of web hosting industry

    After some research I've concluded that the US web hosting industry is around 32,000,000 domains from www.webhosting.info. But I can't find from webhostinfo or netcraft about that dollar amount this represents . I can't find this information anywhere else either. Do any of you know a site...
  13. Archbob

    NBA playoffs

    Not sure if anyone here watches or not but I'm a huge hoops fan. Generally I like two teams, sixers and Rockets. The 1st two games were dissapointing for the sixers but I'm waiting for the Rockets to pwn the Mavericks 4-0.
  14. Archbob

    Link exchange with webmaster related sites

    I have two webmaster sites: http://www.chipmunk-scripts.com -- PR 5 about 900 uniques per day http://www.webhostinggate.com -- PR5 150 Uniques per day Looking for sitewide link exchanges for both of them. I will trade with lower PR sites if they get more traffic...
  15. Archbob

    Link exchange with webhosting site

    Hi, I am looking to link exchange partners for my new site at http://www.webhostinggate.com . Right now its got a PR of 4 because it just launched a few weeks ago. I am interested in frontpage/sitewide link exchanges and link page link exchanges. I am mainly interested in site that already have...
  16. Archbob

    Free ASP.net hosting

    I just need a small .net hostin account with mysql database, willing to put up a banner on each page. I just need a test account. 20mb space and 1GB bandwidth should be sufficient.
  17. Archbob

    Windows hosting

    Hi, I am adding hosts to my webhosting directory but I am in lack of windows hosts to add, the ones I'm adding are all linux. Can some of you give me the URLS to companies that offer windows hosting, especially windows reseller and VPS hosting?
  18. Archbob

    Uneditable text area?

    Really easy question. How do I get an uneditable text area. It just displays text but users can't edit the text. You know, like a textarea that contains a user agreement. Thanks.
  19. Archbob

    My blog

    Hi, I finished programming my blog engine and I'm using it now to power my own blog script at http://www.ferretfusion.com . What do you guys think about the engine?
  20. Archbob

    Trade links with other decently popular blogs

    Hi, I am interested in trading links with other SPF members blogs(as well as ant webmaster based sites). The site I have is http://www.ferretfusion.com . I just finished the script today myself(this is my personal blog engine which is free for download and will be listed on hotscripts, php...