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  1. Michael Kinder

    20% OFF! - Ressonix - Affordable Hosting Solutions

    Hello, FWS community! Want the best hosting at an affordable price? Check out Ressonix, and we'll offer your community 20% off! What do we offer? Check out our detailed plans below. How do I receive my 20% off? Just use promo code, "FWSPromo" upon checkout! OUR PLANS Shared Hosting BASIC...
  2. Michael Kinder

    100mb Space, 500mb bandwidth with PHP & MySQL - WordPress

    Hi. Why pay that much for this quota when you can get it for free? Check out our FREE plans!: http://techanex.tk/#list-performance
  3. Michael Kinder

    Asp.Net hosting provider allowing MATURE content

    I agree with the two above, but I found a very good provider offering a 60 day trial: https://www.myasp.net/freeaspnethosting You may want to try them before you start upgrading.
  4. Michael Kinder

    Techanex Hosting Has Been Redesigned!

    Hi! If you have been to our site within the past few days, you might have seen the notification at the top of the screen notifying you of a site redesign coming soon. We are now unveiling this redesign! The new website design allows easier access to login to your account from the homepage...
  5. Michael Kinder

    Oh where, oh where have the moderators gone?

    I know. We seem to be the only registered members that are on the site. I reported my thread about unlimited hosting and haven't received anything. That was 4 days ago. Hope they haven't abandoned us!
  6. Michael Kinder

    Free Web Hosting Request

    You could also check out http://techanex.tk/
  7. Michael Kinder

    Looking someone who want to host an adult site

    We don't usually allow adult websites, but can make an exception. Now, let me warn you beforehand. If your site suddenly gets terminated, we didn't do it. Our admins at iFastNet did. But yeah, we will gladly host your site: http://techanex.tk/
  8. Michael Kinder

    looking for someone who will host my personal and our church's website

    Still looking for one? Check out http://techanex.tk/ ! We will gladly host your sites! It's all free and if needed we can increase your quota.
  9. Michael Kinder

    I need a free UK and US hosting

    Try http://techanex.tk/ There are servers in both the US and UK and we have cPanel X with the X3 theme. We offer three plans: Free Entry-Level: 5GB Disk, 10GB Bandwidth, 10 Databases, 1 Addon Domain, Unmetered Email Accounts Free Mid-Range: 100GB Disk, 100GB Bandwidth, Unmetered Databases, 10...
  10. Michael Kinder

    Techanex Free Hosting!

    I would just like to say to everyone that signed up for our hosting service, THANK YOU! We have already hit around 100 clients. Please spread the word!
  11. Michael Kinder

    Techanex Free Hosting!

    I didn't say I made it from scratch. Like I said, I admit that I based it off of that template. Sorry for the confusion. Still interested in finding a good premium reseller.
  12. Michael Kinder

    Techanex Free Hosting!

    Also, sorry but I don't use Skype. I saw that you tried to chat with me on the site. I'm not sure how you got through to the chat as we were offline. o_O
  13. Michael Kinder

    Techanex Free Hosting!

    Have you seen that demo of that template? That is not mine. I will admit I based part of it off of that template, but I really did make it myself.
  14. Michael Kinder

    Free WordPress Hosting

    For wordpress blogs, I recommend signing up for the free entry-level plan at http://techanex.tk/ You can add your own domain if you like after registration. Entry-Level Plan: 5 GB Disk Space 10 GB Bandwidth Everything else is unlimited. (EX: Addon Domains, Email Accounts, etc.)
  15. Michael Kinder

    Techanex Free Hosting!

    Also, what do you think of the website design? I created it myself. Does it look nice?
  16. Michael Kinder

    Techanex Free Hosting!

    I am actually in the process of upgrading to the premium reseller right now. I was trying their service out, and it's pretty great! What other reseller's do you recommend? I looking for multiple ones with different features.
  17. Michael Kinder

    Techanex Free Hosting!

    Also, I recommend checking out this dude's site, it's awesome! It's called instafree.com!
  18. Michael Kinder

    Techanex Free Hosting!

    Dot.tk is actually considered a top level domain now, but I am using a free domain name just until it picks up speed, then I will transfer the accounts to the new domain. I have limited all accounts to 500 GB because of this. Sorry, I didn't read the rules. It was my fault. I have reported this...
  19. Michael Kinder

    Techanex Free Hosting!

    Okay. I'm not lying to my clients. I don't like getting in arguments, so I am going to end this here. If you keep it up, that's up to you. I have changed the whole thing to free commercial hosting with the most you can host being at 500GB. Sorry, everyone. Admins, if you could change the title...
  20. Michael Kinder

    Techanex Free Hosting!

    I'm not saying that all of this can be used, but this is the quota set by our hosting reseller. I am sorry for the confusion. Besides, who will use that much space per account anyway. I didn't set the quota. iFastNet did. If you would like to know why the quota is so high, you should probably...