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  1. ibfw

    myhost24.com 200 megs space and 2 gig transfer

    http://www.myhost24.com FREE hosting doesn't have to be cheap! :: the menu :: 200 Meg disk space, 2 Gig bandwidth/month Control Panel with phpMyAdmin PHP and WAP enabled ftp and ssh access 1 mySQL database 1 POP3 account Please note that we only supply free hosting to students...
  2. ibfw

    DIGITALRICE.com is back with FREE hosting

    http://www.digitalrice.com/signup.html 25MB of Web Space 1 E-mail Account 1 FTP Account 1GB of Data Transfer yourname.digitalrice.com OR your own domain name (registration required) Scripting Options: ASP, PHP PLEASE READ FIRST NO signing up using free email accounts such as...
  3. ibfw

    [NEWS] freerackspace.org cancelling HOSTING

    Subject: Your Free Hosting Is Going Offline 09/26/2004 Freerackspace.org will be going offline permanently as of 9/29/04. another one bites the dust
  4. ibfw

    [NEWS] Site-Master.org free hosting attacked

    http://www.site-master.org/ Dear users of Site-Master.org, yesterday, at around 4PM GMT, someone decided to erase all files on my server. Why? Supposedly, because one of the users was running scripts or causing problems with Apache, and I can no longer get their hosting to reinstate the...
  5. ibfw

    FREE Webspace here MySQL, FTP etc.

    http://www.zap3x.com formerly 3x.ro Free Web Hosting - 100MB space Don't worry about the megabytes - Zap3x gives you 100MB space to create an amazing content-rich web site. Unlimited traffic You can transfer as much as you wish every day without any limit. No popups...
  6. ibfw

    FREE HOST HERE thinkhosted.com 50 MEGS PHP MySQL

    http://www.thinkhosted.com/ 50 MB Web Space 200 MB Transfer a month 2 POP3 e-mails PHP, CGI, FrontPage EXT Linux cPanel FREE note: MANUAL ACTIVATION may take upto 2 days
  7. ibfw

    Here, FREE Host, MySQL, FTP etc

    http://www.mycubix.com/default.php?act=packages Webspace 100 MB Bandwidth 4 GB Parked Domains 3 Addon Domains 3 Subdomains 10 Email Accounts 10 FTP Accounts 10 SQL Databases 10 Email Lists Unlimited CGI Access Yes...
  8. ibfw

    Heres a FREE HOST 500mb SPACE mYsql ETC.

    http://www.330.ca/apply/ What you get. 500 MB of disk space (can be increased if needed) Virtually unmetered bandwidth (more visitors = more bandwidth) CGI, PHP, ASP, SSI support A forum through our 330 Forums (http://forums.330.ca) A free domain name if your site gets...
  9. ibfw

    Heres a FREE Host 50 MB Space, MySQL and 250 MB Data

    . http://www.5quidhost.co.uk/hosting.php Level 0 Disk Space 50MB FTP Accounts Unlimited Pop3 Accounts Unlimited Mailinglists 1 MySQL Databases 1 Subdomains Unlimited Bandwidth 250MB per month FREE DO NOT ASK ME ABOUT THE SITES FEATURES GO VISIT AND READ/CONTACT OVER...
  10. ibfw

    NEWS: webmatrixhosting eliminating perm-FREE hosting

    Email being sent out to members Dear WebMatrixHosting user, WebMatrixHosting service has been launched back in 2002 with the goal of offering web developers an opportunity to try, free of charge, how your ASP.NET application would work in real-life hosted environment. Over time, we have...
  11. ibfw


    http://www.firewebx.com Must join to request account 25 MB-space w 700 MB-data month 15 MySQL , 15 FTP, 15 EMAIL CPANEL 70 MB-space w/1 Gig-data month 100 MySQL, 100 FTP, 100 EMAIL CPANEL 110 MB-space w/ 2 Gig-data month 300 MySQL, 300 FTP, 300 EMAIL CPANEL please...
  12. ibfw

    How long have your host been in business ?

    How can someone find out how long a HOSTING company has been in business ? Can you find out if they changed their name ? when you do a WHOIS look-up and you see like Record created on 19-May-2000. can you rely on that ? I see some hosts claimed they've been providing service since...
  13. ibfw

    Vespacious.com , is it dead ?

    Is this host deceased ? http://www.vespacious.com has been down for about 1 week now user Vespacious { http://freewebspace.net/forums/member.php?userid=15974 } last post was June 20th :confused4
  14. ibfw

    Heres a FREE HOST 2webh.com 300 MEGS and 10K DATA

    2webh.com free website hosting offer! The only thing required for the hosting is that you post a minimum of 50 posts in the forum. ( http://2w.ca/board/ ) On this free website hosting you get 300MB space and 10GB bandwidth a month. You also get 5 FTP accounts, 5 MySQL, 5 POP3 accounts, with...
  15. ibfw

    Free Forum Offer

    We all know I'm not a fan of POST for HOSTING so I give this to others http://exocrew.com/index.php?act=free Its for FREE FORUM, just 5 post required Free phpBB Hosting - Unlimited Space - Unlimited Transfer - 1 FTP Account - 1 Mail Account ( YOURNAME@exocrew.com ) - WebMail...
  16. ibfw

    Heres a FREE Webhost

    http://www.dudehost.net/ Space 30MB Monthly Bandwidth 1000MB Your URL http://you.dudehost.net Control Panel Latest Cpanel Sub-Domains 2 POP3 Email Accounts 5 FTP Accounts 1 Frontpage extensions Yes MYSQL 5 Postgresql 5 Fantastico Yes PHP, CGI...
  17. ibfw

    Free upto 150 MEGS with PHP and MySQL

    http://www.project404.org/hosting.php A Simple Hosting Plan: Up to 150Mb of webspace Private FTP access Your own cgi-bin Perl 5.006001 PHP4 4.2.3 MySQL 3.23.54 Unlimited POP3 email accounts Unlimited email aliases A listing at Project404.org C Panel v 5 Scripts...
  18. ibfw

    20 MEGS, PHP, FTP and MYSQL ( german )

    http://www.privat-webspace.de/anmeldung.php GERMAN 20 MEGS, PHP, FTP, MySQL Good luck. activation instant in email
  19. ibfw

    Something you dont see posted here anymore = FREE HOSTS

    http://hell-yeah.net/?page=hosting General Features 50 MB Posts Required 20 ads ? = NONE NO PHP NO CGI NO PERL NO SSI MySQL = 0 EMAIL = 1 WEBMAIL = YES UPLOAD = Browser 100 MB Posts Required 300 ads ? = NONE PHP YES CGI YES SSI YES MySQL = 2 EMAIL = 5 WEBMAIL = YES Upload...
  20. ibfw

    A Free Host Listed Here

    http://www.propercomfy.co.uk/ Hosting Features 200MB webspace, bannerless PHP, Perl, Python MySQL database Email (IMAP, POP, Webmail) FTP access Shared Linux box Virtual web server Domain hosting or subdomain hosting Want more? Ask, and you might receive...