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    Dayem... 12 years!!

    Just lettin all ya yunguns know how long this site has been around lol - see my join date as proof :) Been a while, anything new?? I see a few things..
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    Pre-beta testers needed

    Invitation link - Cant signup directly due to beta. http://allblah.com/index.php?aId=49de85c9e11f5 It's pre-beta, so lots of bugs still and features to be completed. It goes beta next month sometime, and live in July. Lots of new ideas being brought on board, but need feedback on the forums...
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    Does anyone know....

    who owns icanhascheezburger.com? Obviously I can do a whois, but does he post here on on any other forums?
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    Oh Snap

    46680 Unread Posts since your last visit Been a while I guess. When did the site design change?
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    Can Anyone here do this?

    http://unifog.us/newpage.html I need that javascripted. I need when they enter a quantity in left field, it adds it up in the right field. Then at the bottom it totals it. Let me know if you can do this, along with a price for doing it. Thx.
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    Show me what ya got :-)

    http://mrchill.com/ Ok, so it's terrible. I offer $800 to anyone who can show me what they can do with it. Redo the site, create them a better little guy, etc, etc. I told them their site is so bad I'm even embarrassed to look at it....and I dont even have anything to do with it..LOL So if...
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    Worldzone.net Closing Down

    Worldzone.net, one of the old time free hosts still standing, is closing it's doors. This is a public offer to all free hosts who want to gain new members. You may advertise your service at the following location to current Worldzone.net Free Members...
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    New Webdesign Contest

    I wont be jumping into this one until I have a contract with the company. The last time, it was a handshake agreement and the money never came thru. New contest to redesign http://www.unifog.com Rules: Design the best front page that you can, not using templates found on the web. We want...
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    What was his name??

    What was his name? He used to post here years ago. Owns Tera-Byte.com.
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    Halo 2 - Xbox Live

    I will be on tonight if any of you lamerz think you can take me on. My name is the same here as it is there. Let me know who will be on and at what time. I probably wont be on before 6PM Central time. When I come up behind you and rip your spine in half with my energy sword, you will fall to...
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    New Contest!

    http://prizewise.com/ Build some shockwave commercials that stomp the crap out of those, and I will market the winner for you. I can get you $3000. Plus you'd have the bragging rights of your work being on TV. Got three site design contests coming up, so you better get to work fast.. Top...
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    Way kewl!

    When I was a kid, I read all 7 books in the series. I thought it would make a great movie, but knew the technology was not there yet to do it good. Many years later, as I expected, the movie is now being made by Disney, with the help of the director of Shrek. The Chronicles of Narnia -...
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    Where is he???

    A while back someone was offering free logo designs...good ones. I need one for ...dang, forgot the domain I just bought...oh yeah, http://webtracker.info/ It's going to be a site tracker like HitBox and such places. I just need a logo, then somehow I will remember how to build sites again...
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    I order a .info domain through our system, and it was online INSTANTLY! I went to view it right after I ordered, it was already up. I goto namesecure, and it already shows it as being registered (we resell through tucows, but I check via namesecure.) How come com and net domains dont go up that...
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    CDA to MP3 to CDA

    CDA to MP3 to CDA Does that make sense to you?? Why dont they just upload the cda? Somoen turns a cda to mp3, I download it and burn it back to a cd as a cda. Actually, havent downloaded in a while....but I just took some old ones and tested out burning them with Windows Media Player....and...
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    Never seen this one posted..

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    I need a favor

    This site is a new business and about to be advertised all over the North Houston area. Cant pay anything for it as it only needs to be a simple, but nicely designed site. In return, you can put the "designed by", which would be good since the site is actually going to be being advertised in the...
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    Kewl NASA video

    I'm surprised I never saw this posted here... http://dinix.maasdigital.com/largefiles/mervideo-medium-start-dinix.mov
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    Can Microsoft handle Feb 3rd, 2004???

    http://grc.com/default.htm The latest prolific eMail virus, MyDoom, being called the fastest spreading eMail virus in history, infects an estimated 500,000 PC's worldwide, and has been clogging inboxes and raising havoc across the Internet. Until February 12th, every infected computer will be...
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    We are giving away Silver plans to Everyone!

    We are giving away Silver plans to Everyone! Everyone gets a free 15 day trial on our Silver plan. Not the "give us your credit card" free trial, we need no billing information from you! Just sign up, play around with the control panel and upload some files to your domain (We don't register...