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  1. guitarnerd

    Ladies, please make sure you use the phone properly

    So in concordance with my "I just broke up with my girlfriend" thread, this thread is about some new womenly endeavors I have been experiencing. While dusting off my 3.5 year old untouched "game" I've ran into an obstacle with this one chick that drives me crazy. I met her at a bar/pizza place...
  2. guitarnerd

    I just broke up with my girlfriend

    I am 20 years old. I've been dating this girl happily for 3.5 years. Pretty much everyone in my family likes her more than me...she is nicer. We had been arguing a lot lately and she kept getting pissed at me when I would do stuff without her. Like last night I went out to a bar and there was a...
  3. guitarnerd

    Has God ever spoken to you?

    I've always been grown up in a Christian family but as intelligence would have it, I've started to have a lot of questions about what God is. I have so many memories of people from churches, even my own Mother saying "God told me..." or "God said..." etc. As much as I have been around all...
  4. guitarnerd

    I need a host with support for multiple domains, sort of like reseller

    I need a good reliable host that works well for multiple domains (different folders for each). I don't really need all the features of a reseller I suppose although I will take it (I currently have a reseller). I just want a reliable host with MySql 1gig of storage space or more (lots of my own...
  5. guitarnerd

    My FWS public apology...

    I'd say a good percent of my posts from a few years back said things like "Microsoft is better" "Linux sucks" etc etc bla bla. Although many of my core opinions remain the same I am publicily admitting that I am now a Mac user and apologizing for my now, hypocritcal statements. Never feel too...
  6. guitarnerd

    Went to a strip club for the first time...it was awesome

    Freewebspace seems to be my favorite place to share my semi-pointless stories. So here comes another. Friday night, I go to visit my best friend. It was late when I got there so we had a few beers and went to bed. The purpose of the trip was to set him up with a wireless network and his...
  7. guitarnerd

    I got high this weekend and completely regret it

    I'm not sure if this post will be deleted but we'll see. This past weekend I was at a friends house and in the basement some guys were smoking marijana. I've been around it a lot and have a lot of friends that have done it but I've always seemed to just not be appealed to it. I smoke hookah and...
  8. guitarnerd

    Does anyone have any interesting tid-bits on aliens or ghosts?

    Ok, about a week ago I was out late with some friends and we started talking about creeping stories and some of them were based on aliens and ghosts. A few of which came from a guy who was in the military and while out in a desert or some stuff claims to have, in the middle of the night, come...
  9. guitarnerd

    My photo blog

    Hello everyone, this is sort of spamish but it's for good reason, I just started up a photo blog today and I want some input on it and I got a damn good domain name www.screwtyping.com tell me what you think and subscribe to the feed
  10. guitarnerd

    So I started a website and...

    I kind of wanted to spam you guys. I know I know I am plugging my site but if anyone has an interest and music and want to look at a website about it check out my site I just made http://instrucom.net we are actually giving away free stuff (for real) and such so if you have an interest...
  11. guitarnerd

    Why doesn't anyone read my blog?

    I have been blogging consistently for 2 and a half years now, under the same domain, with virtually no down time and have always posted about fairly interesting things. I typically post 2 times a day except maybe only twice over the weekend and sometimes more. I average 20 uniques a day...
  12. guitarnerd

    My epidemic with a big name non-profit charity

    I am going through an interesting ordeal with the "Make a Noise Foundation" and thought you would all find it funny or interesting. I registered the domain "makeanoise.net" and they are try to scare me out of it go to: http://www.makeanoise.net to read about it
  13. guitarnerd

    Need ASP.NET host ASAP!!!

    Hello everyone I recently switched hosts and am extremely dis-satisfied with my new host. They, like most hosts kind of deceived me into believing a few things. My budget is $17 or less a month I need 250mb or more of space (more is very good) 15-20gb of transfer at the very least and a good...
  14. guitarnerd

    Review my layout for a local fabricator/artist

    Hey everyone, this guy is giving me several hundred $$$ worth of work done for me in trade of a website. So I have to do something pretty cool. First off, I am not that into 'web design' itself, although I am pretty proficient with HTML and style sheets, I am a programmer by nature. I...
  15. guitarnerd

    How I am going to make 1 million dollars (USD)

    Turning 18 a couple months ago, I finally made my first trip to the local Indian Reserve that happens to have a Casino. I brought $40, bought an awesome Sherlock Holmes Coat from Goodwill and got some Cigars and awesome sunglasses. Me and my buddy headed to the Casino... I basically...
  16. guitarnerd

    I need closure...the best and worst story ever

    Well about 3-4 summers ago I was camping at Shaver Lake with my Dad, step Mom, sister, and step cousin. We were going to be there for 1 week. So we had a great time. It was my first time hanging out with my step cousin and we would go around all day looking for places to cliff dive and cause...
  17. guitarnerd

    Mischa Barton from The OC

    Ok, I really feel like a moron on this one (nothing new :S) but I just can't seem to take control over my emotions on this. Ever since the TV show on FOX called "The OC" came out my girlfriend has been watching it every week. Well last wednesday I happened to be sitting at home in my room...
  18. guitarnerd

    Buying page visits?

    What are some good websites that I could pay to advertise on. I know google is one of them but aren't they pretty expensive? Anyway, I am getting a musicians/music website started. And I would like targeted hits on the page for a fair rate. I know places like linuxiso.org has a deal $20...
  19. guitarnerd

    Best Online store

    What is the best online store to shop from that has good prices components for building an entire system and great customer feed back. I typically get a lot of stuff from tiger direct but they are too pricey
  20. guitarnerd

    Just for you Linux Lovers...

    I made this with you in mind... :fork: I hope you all can enjoy