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    Are there any free webhosts that support java (for tomcat, glassfish, jetty, etc)

    So in class my team is working on a java ee project and it would need a servlet container. I guess we need to buy a cheap VPN perhaps but since this is just a class project wondering if there was any free host that supports this. We have been using tomcat on our local PCs for testing. I...
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    what's your job and what company do you work for

    Just curious since I will be looking for jobs out of college soon enough. Currently I am a android programmer at the college in a sort of internship and probably will get a programming job after. Just wondering what everyone does
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    Any other free domain email services left?

    I was litterally planning on setting this up soon on a domain of mine. Google discouninuted their a while back (luckily they still are supporting it for the two domains I registered it for.)...
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    Would a two letter domain name be worth getting?

    I might be able to get a two letter domain name for not too much with a two letter tld. so something along the lines of XX.XX (ofcourse not those letters). Would this be worth getting? I kinda want it but not sure what I could do with it lol.
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    VPS and mail servers? What if the VPS is down?

    So I use google apps to power my email and so use their mx records in my domain name. The domain name itself points to my server domain name and on my server (in kloxo) I set my other domain name (the one I am using for email) to have google's mx records there. So what happened if I someone...
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    What phone service provider do you use? Do you like them?

    I've been using sprint for a while now. They are horrible and every time I upgrade my phone they rase my rates. Can't wait to leave them.
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    If you don't use CentOS for your VPS, why not?

    If you don't use CentOS for your VPS, why not? Just curious. What do you use instead?
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    Google tried to convice ICANN to give them a dotless domain name

    Google asked ICANN for http://search and send them a long letter with plenty of reasons why its a good idea however it seems they won't be getting it I for one am glad...
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    What do you think of bitcasa?

    So what does everyone think of bitcasa? its $99 a year for unlimited personal storage space and has no file size limits. The files are encrypted before uploading but each file is the key so they can do dedplication to keep costs down. You can even stream you videos and music without directly...
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    Beyond: two souls - Anyone else excited?

    What do you all think about Beyond:Two Souls for the ps3? Its looks like it is going to be awesome! Anyone else agree? Or have you ever even heard of it? Here is a trailer. http://youtu.be/KOC9sri6ARU
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    How long does it take for an expired doman name to become avaliable?

    Hello, There was this domain that I lost a few year back that they kept trying to sell to me. It was personal doman name and wouldn't be worth anything to anyone but me so there is no way Im paying them a ton of money for it. Well it finally expired in February 6th and since been listed as...
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    What happened? Why is this place so dead?

    What happened? There used to be like several hundred users logged in at any given time and like 1000+ guests views. Right now there is only 7 members online. I hope this place doesn't die. It is the best place to find webhosting.
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    Review: wswd.net - VPS hosting

    So for almost a year now I've been using WSWD.net for most of my hosting needs. I use it for a variety of things. Hosting a small website, a SVN server, A DNS server, and a few more things. Throughout the time it has been wonderful! They feel small enough to where my budget VPS account matters...
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    So why do people want the iPhone 5? I truly want to know!

    I've never been a fan of the iphone. It always seems like the iphone is missing key features. Back when it was first released (and the second generations too), it couldn't even do what my nokia phone could do. And now I see everyone around me almost drooling over the iphone 5, most of them...
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    Register.com $2 domain name!

    Hello, just want to pass on this coupon code I found. Get a new domain name and its only $2 with code Reg2ea I think you have to be a new customer too. I highly recommend you uncheck auto-renew (since there regular price is ridicules!) and make sure they didn't add anything else...
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    File backup (ftp, and multiple accounts if possible)

    Hello, I am looking for file hosting. I want to store my personal files and want the ability to let other user get in (like a friend has their own account to access files, perhaps there own ftp account) (I will for sure be storing my own personal files, but also want to collaborate but don't...
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    VPS DNS question

    Hello So I am going to buy a VPS soon and although I've been managing websites for years I am new to the world of VPS and dedicated servers. So when I buy the VPS I get an ip address and to use my own domain I make an A record pointing to the ip address. I asume thats all I need to get the...
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    Looking for buget VPS (or similar)

    Hello, I am looking for a budget VPS. Mostly I will be running a minecraft server, and I would also like to experiment with databases and websites. Currently I pay $0.06 an hour for a 0.5 gig ram, .5 gig processor but its just to costly. With a few gigs of data a month it costs me around $43...
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    Looking for Constructive Criticism Xbox vs Playsation Exclusive Games App Idea

    So I'm looking for constructive criticism on my app. Its xbox vs playsation exclusive games list where you get to pick the type of titles included. I thought of the idea a couple of days ago and was able to put it together real quickly. I am looking to create more apps in the future...
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    Anyone here ever play Singularity?

    So I've been playing Singularity and its great. Campaign is awesome and has a good storyline. I was thinking to myself, why didn't I get this game earlier? So just out of curiosity I check IGN's score and they only game it a 7/10! I'd give it an 8.5/10 at least. So anyone else every try...