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    How many Hard Disk fits in 1 dedicated?

    It really depends on the cooling and power in datacenter. Many datacenters offer only 20 amps per 42U rack, so with 80% rule, you can hole around 10-14 servers per rack. Then you can choose 10 x 3U servers, or something like that. On other hand, the modern datacenters with better cooling can...
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    How many Hard Disk fits in 1 dedicated?

    I am not sure what you're mentioning about. A 44U server??? What did I write wrong?
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    Looking for remote backup store in 2 weeks !

    Why not signup with bqbackup? They offer 100GB at $20/month :) You will have rsync backup, and I have heard nothing but good comments about their service.
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    DirectAdmin vs cPanel

    DA comes with CustomApache (in ssh), that's very useful for anyone wants to rebuild apache, php etc. If anyone cannot use ssh, dedicated server is not suitable for him/her.
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    How many Hard Disk fits in 1 dedicated?

    1U server can hold 2-4 disks. 2U, 3U can have more. What kind of server are you mentioning about?
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    DirectAdmin vs cPanel

    Can you list the advantages of cPanel over DA?
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    Best UK Fast VPS Company

    which plan are you mentioning? I dont see it's expensive at all. 2GB guarantee RAM with 2000GB transfer, it's just $100/month.
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    Best UK Fast VPS Company

    On UK, you might want to check with Rus at a2b2.com. Or if you can manage vps yourself, you can be fine with their cheapvps.co.uk
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    Any versaweb reviews?

    Their vps is unmanaged, do you know how to manage a vps? If you can, and want a better price, might want to take a look at cheapvps.co.uk. If you can't, and still want to stay with versaweb, there is an additional management fee (for 1 hour tier-1 support level) is $20/month. Just FYI, so you...
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    Do I need a dedicated server?

    I am not sure how you indicate 300+ users online at the same time, but with 300+ concurrent connection, you definitely need dedicated server, even a big server, or one for web, one for database separately. If you can let us know more about your situation, it would be better to give out advices
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    ping test

    335ms from Vietnam 92ms from Lynnwood, Washington 39ms from Dallas, Texas
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    dedicated server with 30 ip

    How about your budget? Do you want raid with hot-swap disks?
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    Hosting for 2-4 USD per month

    We accept Moneybookers as one of our payment methods. Recently, we have a customer moving from Yahoo service for his DJ personal site too. And he's very happy with service. Currently, we're running a "double" promotion that you will get 1GB disk space and 50GB transfer/month at $5/month. A...
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    MoneyBookers reseller

    Have you ordered any package yet? And do you open for DirectAdmin control panel? It's a very good control panel comparing to cPanel
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    DirectAdmin vs cPanel

    DA get my votes. Much more stable with friendly support, that I could not get from cPanel
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    Uk2.net servers

    meanwhile I am not using their service, just curious, what're your requirements when searching a server? There are many good vendors for dedicated servers
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    Can't decide - which Linux distro?

    We will have 2 CentOS 5 online in next week. The current servers are running CentOS 4.x without any trouble. My advice: choose the one you're familiar with
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    Windows web hosting

    Not all. I read some people suggest to run ASP on Linux, but I dont think it's a good idea. ASP, .NET should be run on Windows - its natural environment.
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    get double - same price

    From now to Jan 31, 2008, ordering a shared DirectAdmin hosting package at www.gate2vn.net, you will get double space and bandwidth at the same price. This promotion is running on our Texas datacenter Datacenter: Colo4Dallas Server: - web server: dual-core Opteron / 2GB RAM / raid-1...
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    APF Firewall Problem :( Help Please?

    1. do you allow to run irc-related program on your server? 2. you will need to re-compile your kernel with ip_tables module