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    Can't believe my username still works

    Thanks Peo. It's good to see you're still running the show! I definitely remember the old wwwboard.
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    Can't believe my username still works

    Technically, I'm far from a "new member", but I haven't posted in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. I'm going to be shocked if there is anyone here who is old enough to remember me, but I used to post here all the time back in the late 90's and early 2000's. I used to help run cgiforme.com with Uri...
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    [merged] Offical X-mas thread

    They're not really "deleting" any thing. Xmas is just an old abreviation that stems from the greek language. The first letter of the Greek word for "Christ" is Chi, which looks like an X. Source
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    free internet connection for iraq'es

    A private ISP subscription in Iraq costs ! :eek: $750 a year!
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    The guessing game - what song is this?

    Again, that's NOT why they are no longer my friends. I'm in college now, so it's not too surprising that I'm no longer friends with kids I went to shcool with in 8th grade. I moved on. I was really only kidding when I said "not surprisingly they are no longer my friends." :o
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    The guessing game - what song is this?

    Actualy, that's not why they're no longer my friends, but thanks for playing amateur psychologist. Why must you be so condescending to everyone, Jan?
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    The guessing game - what song is this?

    Yck.. I hate anime. I had some friends that used to watch it back in 8th grade, and not surprisingly, they're no longer my friends.
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    The guessing game - what song is this?

    You can still download it by right-clicking and going to "Save as"
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    The guessing game - what song is this?

    For a while, it kind of sounded like the theme from "Who wants to be a Millionaire", but that's definitely not it. Give us a hint, like what network is it on?
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    The AJC is stupid...

    I didn't know there were NICs with hardware firewalls built in, but I doubt the author of the article knew that either. I'm not sure what they were talking about, hehe.
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    Finally an accurate speed tester

    596 kbps, not horribly accurate, but speed tests never are anyway since there are so many variables involved for different websites. I don't see how you could get an accurate measurement of anything if you're downloading from multiple sites simulanteously.
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    Court bans racist website!

    The only good reason I can think of for shutting down this page is that it might be considered lieblous to say that "the holocaust didn't take place." Still, I'm not really in favor of this ruling. I won't lose any sleep over some moron not being able to have a racist website, but it is pretty...
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    Police arrest 425 in raid at Kmart

    What are you asking?
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    [Merged] Human Rights In Nigeria

    Why is the man suddently the evil person? For all you know, he could be a caring, loving individual. Just because he made a baby out of wedlock doesn't automatically make him a horrible father. Neither one of them should be harmed or chastized for this, so for you to wish further malevolence...
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    Police arrest 425 in raid at Kmart

    Sounds like a case of power tripping police officers. Why in the hell would they arrest people in a situation like this? Sure, it's trespassing, but most cops would just break up the party. I'm not a lawyer, but I'm sure they have a potential lawsuit on their hands. I can't believe they...
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    Drowning Pool frontman dies

    Common sense should have told people that smoking was bad for them. I think tobacco companies suck, but I'm tired of people not taking any responsibility for their actions. If I got lung cancer from smoking, I wouldn't try to sue them at all. I'd just realize I was a dumbass and pay for my...
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    Any one got a console?

    NES, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast & Gamecube I have a Gameboy, GB Color, and GB advance
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    Drowning Pool frontman dies

    I thought their bodies song was horrible as well, but they actually had some decent songs. Download "tear away", "sinner" or "break you" if you have a chance. They aren't half bad.
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    Drowning Pool frontman dies

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    is x09.net a good name ?

    3 character domain names are extremely rare these days. Get it. Even if you never use it, you might be able to sell it for some good money some day.