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  1. asrvuk

    What are the bacis things for choosing a good webhosting

    Controversial to say the least. I guess it comes down to user preference perhaps?
  2. asrvuk

    Looking for hosting

    please do take your time when choosing a host also Google for reviews too.. that can also help you decide.. either way take backups as well wherever you are hosted so that in the event you want to move you have still got your data also!
  3. asrvuk

    What Social Media Automation Tools should I use?

    I'm keeping my eye on this thread. Personally have never used automation when it comes to social media...
  4. asrvuk

    Worlds cheaptest 1G/10G Dedicated across four contients server with /24

    Very good prices and nice specifications. Thanks for posting them here.
  5. asrvuk

    Is Free Web Hosting Good?

    Well I beg to differ but do see your point I suppose. It's down to the management and how they handle things. If they never maintain their servers and sell sell sell then leave the customers on their own then yes, it will be problematic. I have seen quite a few of the free hosts that I...
  6. asrvuk

    https://asrv.uk FREE cPanel hosting with Softaculous - USA and UK Best offers on Reseller...

    https://asrv.uk FREE cPanel hosting with Softaculous - USA and UK Best offers on Reseller plans make sure you use our coupon code HALFPRICELIFE at the checkout. You will receive 50% off your Reseller plan every month!
  7. asrvuk

    Free cPanel shared web hosting with Softaculous

    As for server specifications you are probably wondering if the server is fast? Screenshot below with the specs A speedtest of our connection speed below.
  8. asrvuk

    Adblock for most browsers

    https://adblockplus.org/ For those that aren't aware of this free extension for your browser... It also cleverly removes video ads for example the video placed ads on YouTube for those that don't want ads in video's.
  9. asrvuk

    Free WHM cPanel Manager (Android APP)

    Good job, I like the layout I think it looks pretty good
  10. asrvuk

    Can I earn money by reselling hosting .??

    Yeah I guess it's about commitment and effort but also it can be a hard market to get into. It can be a gamble also. There are many host's out there started up and failed. Stick with it don't give up. Remember even if you haven't got customers at first, sfay focused. Or think of other ways...
  11. asrvuk

    VPS or shared hosting.

    Https://Time4vps.com are good and their prices for a year are good with the initial discount.. especially if you go for a year or two? Google their name reviews are pretty good too. They are unmanaged though and requires you to set everything up web control panel etc if needed. If you think...
  12. asrvuk

    Looking for free Hosting with cPanel

    Yeah there are many out there. As for forums or message boards and if you don't have any technical knowledge or don't want to handle setting it up yourself there's a few websites out there for that.. Here's one for example they have been around ages. https://www.createaforum.com/
  13. asrvuk

    Names.co.uk are offering free UK and .co.uk domains for first year

    Feel free to check them out. They are reputable too. I guess if you wanted to you could transfer the domain out anyway.. Here's the link https://names.co.uk Hope this helps. Thanks
  14. asrvuk

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Dedicated server

    One thing I will mention here is this.. Reinstalling the operating system can sometimes cost you a one off fee if you ever misconfigure your server and need to reinstall the operating system. I do believe most hosts let you have one free Os reload a month usually though. There are also some...
  15. asrvuk

    Any good and professional VPS host?

    If you're fine with an unmanaged vps you could try Time4VPS.com I don't use them anymore myself no fault of theirs I just wanted to upgrade to full dedicated machines myself so I no longer use the VPS I have with them. Their pricing is excellent especially if you pay for the whole year you get...
  16. asrvuk

    Looking for free Hosting with cPanel

    Feel free to check us out
  17. asrvuk

    Free cPanel shared web hosting with Softaculous

    Free shared webhosting for life and no extra charges to use your own domain or we provide you with a free subdomain Features Cpanel shared web hosting 100gb disk space Unlimited bandwidth Unlimited features mysql email etc Softaculous (London, UK) or (East coast USA) FREE INSTANT SETUP Please...
  18. asrvuk

    What do you want to see in free hosting services?

    Good thread to start, I am actively reading through this as I always ask the same question myself, as a free host.
  19. asrvuk

    Explain the difference Between Dedicated hosting and shared web hosting services?

    Shared hosting little technical knowledge in the field needed... Dedicated hosting unless its fully managed you will need to know how to install manage and maintain your server.
  20. asrvuk

    web hosting

    I offer completely free cpanel webhosting with Softaculous script installer So feel to sign up if you want to! Https://asrv.uk