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    blue screen - can I boot from a flash drive?

    Hey guys, A friend of mine is having PC issues. He started getting a blue screen the other day when trying to boot a PC with XP. Basically, here's the situation: All safe modes don't work - they load up a blue screen (for 1 second, a flash of a blue screen basically) and then restarts the...
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    $10 for somebody who is good at speech analysis

    Hey, I need somebody to explain to me the tropes and schemes in Reagan's Challenger speech - i'll pay you for your help. Best if it could be done by the end of the night as I have a test next week and tomorrow is the last review day in class (my teacher sucks). PayPal payment - please PM...
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    question for printer expert about drum unit

    I have a Brother HL-4040CN printer. Today, after printing 3 shipping labels, I began to notice that there were these random large lines on pages whenever I printed in black. I opened up the printer and found that the adhesive stuck to one of the drum unit rollers. I was able to remove the drum...
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    integrating twitter conversation

    sorry for the delay. I was away this week. I added you to MSN.
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    integrating twitter conversation

    I am more then willing to compensate if anyone has the time to work on this with me. Though i'd like to learn along the way, this is a project that is a bit over my head and is a bit more then just a simple line of code that I am asking for.
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    integrating twitter conversation

    Always the same two accounts talking to each other.
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    integrating twitter conversation

    hello everyone. I am looking to integrate a twitter conversation between two accounts into my Joomla website. I have tried so many Joomla API scripts, but they all only seem to allow me to integrate individual accounts and so the accounts are listed after each other (e.g. the script only shows 8...
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    I'm in need of a Joomla coder to do some edits

    Message me if you have time to look through some project details and possibly jump on a current Joomla project that needs some Tweeter/Blog integration along with some other small adjustments. -Pat
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    Joomla edit needed

    I have a site programmed in Joomla for a design client of mine, but I need a few things edited (mainly on the navigation). Not sure what would be reasonable to put out there as a budget or any sort, just give me a ballpark quote and we can work with it. the site is myjpconnelly.com/demo...
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    Need a website sliced/coded

    Sent you a PM - awaiting your reply Snat - thanks :D
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    Need a website sliced/coded

    I still need someone on this project - anyone available?
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    Best Registrar

    Dynadot.com is great for me - have used them for ages (though their prices continue to rise and im starting to question why) but their service and control panel you cant beat. Simple, easy, friendly. Domains switches between accounts, to and from registrars, is so easy.
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    Sim games

    I just pre-ordered the Sims 3
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    Need a website sliced/coded

    Here's the project details. I need the following site, which is in PSD format, to be sliced and coded: http://www.myjpconnelly.com/myJPconnelly.jpg The website coding required will be integrating a small blog system/news system (OneAdmin) into the content box to the right of the page...
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    The best pre-paid Card or alternative?

    Pre-paid Visa or AMEX? You could always hook up a PayPal account and use those digital Master Cards they have now.
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    PSD needs to be spiced to HTML (and CSS)

    Im looking for some quotes from you guys on splicing up a PSD. It's still being worked on by a designer of ours, but it will look like something of the following: http://i550.photobucket.com/albums/ii416/JESSE-D/JSCBETA.jpg changes being made: we'll be removing that whole image gallery thing...
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    Need a flash designer and php/javascript coder for project

    Basically, we're currently using a company called Bludomain for our website. They are not a very good company and don't provide us with the tools we need in their content management system. The company won't provide us with the FLV, so we're looking to get the website basically redone exactly...
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    Website Design / Development Services

    Yes, i'd like to see a portfolio as well.
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    XP MCE remote doesn't work on Vista?

    well, it doesn't work with any microsoft windows apps (like Media Center and Media Player). It does work with Itunes however. What could be the issue here? I ran a check on all the drivers and it says its up to date. I was able to get this working a few months ago, but it no longer works - I...