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    Want to increase keyword ranking in Google.

    I couldn't have said it better, just keep the traffic coming through other forms of marketing, sharing and advertising!
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    Best Ad Revenue Programs - Look Here First!

    Thanks for the write up, exactly what I was looking for!
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    Who is the best

    Are there any other CPM networks you guys would recommend aside from adsense or adbrite that doesn't have embedded malware ? It seems like clicksor doesn't do a good job of filtering out their ads for these!
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    AdBrite Vs Clicksor

    So far I take it no one likes clicksor. Does anyone else know of any other good CPM networks?
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    cheap cPanel hosting

    @CS Squad It is sad, and we have those highly competitive host companies who falsely advertise nonsense like "Unlimited" bandwidth then place a small note in their TOS with restrictions defining what "Unlimited" is to them. People are easily lured to attractive and ludicrously low prices, they...
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    Cloud and Dedicated Hosting

    Couldn't have said it better myself!
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    Hosting Down

    If I'm doing this correctly $3000 PKR is ~ $30 USD. Is this a dedicated server? It seems like you should try to deal with them in getting a refund or some money back if they're down a lot. Think about migrating to another company with a more stellar dedicated server services. You can google...
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    How to become a host for other sites.

    I agree with what most are saying here, start of as a reseller then work up. Once interested buy a few servers and rent out some space at a datacenter. You can get the technical gist of how things work and ask your datacenter guys if there is any problems. That is how most companies do it...
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    Anyone here used / use DotBlock?

    I agree, the best info you are going to get is from online reviews. If there isn't enough to make your own conclusion, live chat or call them and test their customer service. You address all your concerns as well. I also haven't heard to DotBlock before. Good luck!
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    One Time Pay Hosting

    I'd really have a look at that, 1 time paid hosting isn't sustainable and seems most likely like a scam.
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    Latest Trends in Web Design

    Don't think he'll be answering anytime soon. He probably is a bot :wink2:
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    AdBrite Vs Clicksor

    Just to add as well, adbrite does have many advertisers so your chances of getting more different ads is higher
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    cheap cPanel hosting

    True mate, this industry is too very competitive, and with that comes cut throat prices. The 1-2 dollar plan will get out 1-2 dollars worth of system resources/customer service. If you plan on having a website that is going to grow fast, its a good idea to get a more expensive plan that lets...
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    What is Web Hosting & Domain Name Registration?

    @ronok Well said! Couldn't have described it better myself :biggrin2:
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    The first name you registered?

    twzwarriors.com, it was for my squadron in an online game 8 years back. Really brings a smile to your face when you remember these things. Good topic haha props!
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    Long domain names.

    Google recommends a name + descriptor when creating a domain name. It lets the crawler index your site easier and gets your a better ranking initially. However I prefer something your visitors can remember and spell correctly as in the end of the day that will be the most important factor in...
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    cheap cPanel hosting

    I agree with the statement, "You get what you pay for". As a web developer and having several projects in my portfolio I've always started with a shared hosting account then moved right to dedicated servers. Based on experience: CHEAP shared hosting with cpanel is great for 2-3 months...
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    what do you look for?

    Having a big web portfolio myself, for me the most important aspects are: - bandwidth limits - reliability/uptime - security - 24 hour support - NO yearly contracts. (You usually get these when you apply for the cheap prices per month, once the service goes bad you're stuck until your contract...
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    New No Ads Hosting Company

    I agree with what everyone has said so far. You're in a very competitive market, even for the low to mid end hosting company that offers free service there is a big difference in terms of site aesthetics. If you do a redesign, make it more modern such as heytommy.ca or hosting24.com you'd get...
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    Please give suggestion on my hosting site

    I like the overall look, its clean and professional. I agree with VP56NET, the rollovers are a nice feature!