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    Reliable hosting needed

    @rudrawadi: He did mention that he is not looking for posting offers... Regards, PaulP.
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    Free Hosting with .net

    I don't think you will find that. The reason for providing those details is to prevent Internet Abuse. Then again, you need to pay for a .net site so you have to fill out details to be billed. Why would you not want to give those details ? A registrar can be trusted ! Kind regards, PaulP.
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    Need 1GB with 100 Email accounts no ads please

    Hi, I don't think you will find any free E-mail services because of the abuse of it. Free Hostings don't want to get blocked themselves because some bad users are spamming on the account of the webhost. For this kind of request you probably need to get paid hosting... Kind regards, PaulP.
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    Need A Image Host With Hot Linking Facility...

    ??? Really ??? Hi, I don't want to be rude or something but if I search on Google with your mail address, I only find suspended sites, earning money sites, ringtones/warez copyrighted materials and sex only... Better inform the people here what you are going to do with the FREE...
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    Upgrading to Vista

    Hi .Joe., For upgrading a Windows version there are a few rules involved. (At least these could apply to your situation) 1) Upgrading to Vista CAN be done with a Vista Upgrade when you have a legal Windows XP version running. 2) Upgrading to Vista CANNOT be done with a Vista Upgrade if...
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    Review Suraj4u.org ,Hosting,Proxy,file host,more..

    Very bad unfinished site Colors are badly combined. Links don't work. And it is stuffed with Advertisements. Finish the complete site before asking a site check !!! Just horrible !!!
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    TeppaHosting Hacked - If you are Customer, Please read

    They were up and running a few days ago... Now their site is completely down again !!! No info about them ? PaulP.
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    Installing Windows

    So adding the drivers with F6 did resolve your problem ?!?!? It should work this way to succesfully install XP. Kind regards, PaulP. Better make a good backup (raw image) before you have to do this all over again in the near future when something goes wrong. Drivers seem to be very...
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    Installing Windows

    Hi Iyeru, I think that XP is not seeing the SATA controller correctly and therefore not loading a driver for it. In that case the Installation of XP will not find any hard disks. While starting the XP Install... Press F6 when you see it on the screen to add a third party storage controller...
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    NWH Networks Hacked

    Hi, I don't understand why the hotlinking message shows as it is a direct link. Try http://www.swprozee1.com/nwhnetworks/teppa.jpg instead. Read all your server logs to find out what the last action was etc.etc. Really, these hackers should be caught, as this could destroy a new hosting...
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    Teleportation device thingy

    Well, I hope they won't ! Because almost all good inventions are also used for less friendly activities. Don't you think they would teleport bombs etc, into enemy area ? What if things go really wrong. I don't think this is THE invention we are waiting for (except when it is used for...
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    ReQ Free File Hosting

    I don't think you will find it for free. Megaupload services etc. is an option. Regards, PaulP.
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    School Related

    :eek2: Wow, now he really has something to explain ! Why asking for free hosting (and a lot) when he sells paid hosting himself ? PaulP.
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    serius error, internet (urgent)

    Seems like an infection to me by a virus or worm. (resulting in a browser hijack) Just run cleaning tools like ad-aware, Spybot S&D, virus scan etc. If you can't find out what the problem with these tools, you might want to run the HijackThis program. It will find the problem ! Kind...
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    Computer Died?

    Hi Wojtek, Thanks for the answers on my questions. I had a similar situation at home, it can be the motherboard having bad caps, you can see that in a easy way if you can inspect the motherboard closely. It's a known issue that after +/- 2 years bad caps can cause this problem...
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    Computer Died?

    try to move the fan in the power supply.... Dust can cause the fan to stop turning... I had a defective power supply fan that caused the power supply to burn out. When trying to switch the computer on, do you see any led's lighting up (on motherboard, CD-rom...) Does any fan start at all...
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    Need VPS

    maybe proof of the agreement that you have to run a habbo server yourself. In their Terms and Conditions is stated that they don't provide licenses, only the use of their online game services to play on their own servers. Sulake traces illegal habbo servers and gives huge fines... Kind...
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    Beware - Maleek

    Stop Fraud Now.
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    request free web hosting

    maybe this is what you are looking for..... ? Hi Biscuit, If you can accept the terms and conditions that are present at www.swprozee1.com then I can give you hosting. No ads or forced postings required. 250MB space to start with - can become 2000MB maximum. No set bandwidth...
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    [Request] PHP5 mail() fopen() requiered

    For what exactly ?... more details please... Site language ? Website content ? Purpose of the hosting ? Kind regards, PaulP.