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    What is the best blogging software?

    Movable Type is also another good blog script. http://www.sixapart.com/movabletype/
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    Anyone recieved a refund from axehosting?

    Sorry to hear your money was not refunded. As I am not the person in charge of that, I am not able to do anything about it. All I can do is contact the person that is suppose to be in charge of it with the status.
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    Hosting company up for grab.

    CIHost is actually expensive than the datacenter I am using, LiquidWeb. Dual AMD Opteron 244 1.8GHz 64 capability 2GB DDR Registered ECC Memory Dual 120GB SATA / Hardware Raid 1 Secondary 120GB Backup Drive 2000 GB Premium Multi-Homed Bandwidth (1000in and 10000 out) 50GB Remote Backup...
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    Illegal IPB 2.0.X?

    Invisionboard have a serial code generator built in. It is use to tell IPB if your version is legal or not.
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    Hosting company up for grab.

    Some accounts has been hosting about few months and close to a year.
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    Hosting company up for grab.

    Hello, When AXEHosting first started, the company goal was to provide customers with reliable, fast and stable hosting. We have not yet to achieve AXEHosting full potential. The company is ran by two people, Phu Nguyen and Sebastien Bellinger. Sadly, we can not continue our mission. Reason...
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    Need Hosting Again

    O¿ONoChancO¿O, if you can not offer what Radejr is asking for $19.99 or under, don't offer at all. With many of your offering posts, you just advertising. Read the rules on how to post offer and when you should post offer.
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    2-3 gigs; 20-30 gig bandwidth; several accounts

    May I ask why do you need shell access?
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    warning: fake name

    It is not free advertisement when he or she is doing harm to the company.
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    Anyone can beat this hosting?

    eL.D1n1 could be correct. Too bad the host went down. :( lol
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    gettinr a sever online

    You can also view here too if you don't get the above. http://www.iceteks.com/articles.php/server/1 http://www.htmlgoodies.com/beyond/webmaster/article.php/3499361 You need to check if you have static or dynamic ip address from your ISP too.
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    gettinr a sever online

    Than you would need to decide if you will be a windows or linux host. You would need to install security for your server and only open needed ports. There are many softwares out there for windows that would get you up with basic features such as php, mysql, perl and etc. IIS would be best for...
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    1.5 tb bandwidth - 50gb storage requested

    Are you talking about 1.5 terabytes (TB) bandwidth and 50 GB disk space? If so, you would need to get a dedicated server. You will not find any shared hosting or reseller hosting out there that would offer this kind of specs. For a host to offer this as a shared hosting and at a low price...
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    bookmarks gone again

    Well, I am starting to get tired of FireFox. It is good and fast than IE but it kept losing my bookmarks. This is the second times all my links are gone. Now I would have to find the important sites again. I don't know what is wrong with it. All I did was surf the net, shutdown firefox and than...
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    good hosting needed

    Sorrento, I can offer you --- 2GB Disk Space 30GB Transfer CPanel Control Panel with Fantastico De Luxe 10 Addon Domains 50 POP3 Accounts Unlimited MySQL Databases Unlimited Subdomains Unlimited FTP Accounts Monthly Fee: $7.69 Annually Fee: $89.28 + 3 months free trial + 30...
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    NEED Hosting/Domain registration that supports EGOLD

    Nomis135, no need to post all your plans. Your offer past the 25 lines limit. All you have to do is post a plan that is around 250-500 MB of space and 30 GB of transfer.
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    Need reseller plan WHM 20GB disk 300GB traffic

    60 USD a year is just a quick take and run. For that kind of spec, either get a dedicated or raise your price to around $50 or $60 + monthly. You can't expect to find any stable and reliable hosts at that price for the specs you are asking.
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    The power is YOURS

    well the remix is his, right? he worked hard on his remix and would have a tag saying "remix by ...." So anywayz yeah.
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    The power is YOURS

    wow dude that is very awesome. i like it. IT'S ROCKIN' COOL! do you mind if I show this to peeps that I know? Place a tag in the video so no one can steal it.
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    Most reliable hosting ?

    Well there are lots of reliable 24/7 support hosting out there. You just have to do a deep search on Google. Like the one I named, websitesource.com, and hostrocket.com. They both provide toll free 24/7 phone support.