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    Windows Updates

    Just becareful and do not do onlinebanking ;)
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    cheapest vps(windows)

    Did you ever get anything?
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    win 2003 servers

    Is that like VMware.... How much is W2003 virtual server hosting avg?
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    Paid Hosts question

    How often do you back up your servers? what about your databases?:confused4
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    Free Hosts question

    How often do you back up your server, what about your databases?
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    Control Panel

    I like Hspehere and Cpanel.
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    Is yahoo directory worth $299/year?

    Is yahoo directory listing worth $299/year? is there a wat around it? :cry2:
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    vps reseller

    I do not know pricing for VPS. I signed up with them for one of my clients recently as I was looking.... most of the ones I looked at were cheap so I was afraid of oversell... this met the budget. it was very recent though cannot give you a review, but all seems good so far.
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    Dedicated server--- How long does it take?

    I have ordered a few dedicated servers in the past windows and Linux I have always had to wait a week sometimes two which is not a problem, but does it usually take that lond with you as well?
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    Can somebody explain this... ???

    they basically copied and pasted I beleive..... as you do not have to register you can type the name of the userid you want displyed (it marks it as guest below it ) I hope this helps.
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    vps reseller

    check out value reseller
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    Dedicated windows server 100mbps

    Yup found that out :eek2:
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    Need High Bandwidth Hosting

    you did not mention anything about relibility!!!!! with your specs and low budget could give unwanted results if you are using this much bandwidth.
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    allow members to upload and rank video in social network

    How big are the videos? are they all the same file type?
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    wifi router

    does your ISP require PPPOE?
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    hey you hosting guys... here is a personal customer experience

    Well said..... who is your new provider?
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    looking for better reseller hosting

    This is some good server :beer:
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    PropelHosting Review

    I have never heard of them.... anything special about them?
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    apraise my domain

    Certainly right..... Do you make any revenue?
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    Boost your Rating

    Buying a domain for several years will not help. having the domain for years helps. :)