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    New York Times reporter jailed, found in contempt of court for refusing to testify

    i knew that the life of reporter is very complicated :-) you have to reveal the truth in a way that both parties will get the sources :wink2:
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    Hurricane season starts again

    let us all be prepared for what possible may happened; let us all be strong; don't panic; have a focus to save your life :wink2:
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    Merchant Accounts

    epassporte :-)
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    sexylady on the boards...

    here is my pic :biggrin2:
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    Streets of the world

    i think that is a cool place to live in :-) :wink2: :P
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    liars go to hell

    lol :biggrin2: all of us is unique! we have a different personality that other people discover it. well, it is ok to lift up your self commenting that you are the most beautiful/handsome in the world. see your self in the mirror means that you are fine in every pain or sadness you...
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    Neverending fireworks.

    well, i love to watch fireworks :-) specially if it create designs :wink2:
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    liars go to hell

    when you feel depressed and lonely cheer up, just go to the mirror and say "GUSH! I'm cute, really!" finally you'll overcome your sadness but don't make it a habit because liars go to hell!!! he he he cheers :biggrin2:
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    War of the Worlds

    yeah, that is a great movie :-)
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    sexylady on the boards...

    :-) hello everyone thank you for the warm welcome i think i will enjoy my stay here cheers :wink2:
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    sexylady on the boards...

    :-) hello everyone! i am new in this forum hope to stay long here gain a lot of friends and learn new and different stuffs here... cheers :biggrin2: