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  1. J

    Good Bye!

    I never did so. Ask Jan.She gave me a PM regarding that when I did it once. Do you think I will do so again in that case to get an infraction. Want a proof? Something over the IM forced me here once which made me post again and again.
  2. J

    Good Bye!

    Thanks for your words Dan. I appreciate you :-). A very good bye. But, read my replies to your queries below. My business partner (Web Hosting) and me broke up because I filed a suit against him for forging the accounts and selling MY Servers. Later he made this a weapon and spread I was a...
  3. J

    Good Bye!

    Hello All & Good Bye for ever!, So, finally I am getting out of this place. I admit that FWS is a great community with a large number of experienced people and provides vast opportunities and knowledge. But, recently there are many noobs who neg rep you for NOTHING! The other day I requested...
  4. J

    About the recent problems

    No, not again :( . My rep is negative again :( and lost a lot of posts. I know there is know way out :|. Hope this time everything goes smoothly :).
  5. J

    Need a place to improve a sns system

    I didn't see that. Thanks Decker. I will be more careful next time. I only cared to read the htaccess issue.
  6. J

    Need a place to improve a sns system

    Thats the reason I posted my offer. Next time I will keep this in mind and thanks for the rep :( .
  7. J

    [Request] Small hosting for Wordpress site

    5 GB bandwidth is a lot for NO ADS/POSTS. Please reconsider. A host that is planning stay won't offer that.
  8. J

    Need a place to improve a sns system

    Hello playmonk, vBPoint can provide you all that FREE. I think our Nano package will suit you the best. vBP - Nano Disk Space: 700 megabytes. Bandwidth: 7168 megabytes. Features : 10 each. Signup Posts Required: 20 Monthly Posts Required: 10 WE UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE BUSY WITH YOUR CODING...
  9. J

    Hacked? Am I crazy?

    That is sad. I was shocked o see this. Good everything is fine mow.
  10. J

    Reliable free hosting for my site 24x7 traffic

    Hello jst, vBPoint can provide you all that FREE. Our Exa package will suit you the best. vBP - Exa Disk Space: 1000 megabytes. Bandwidth: 10240 megabytes. Features : 15 each. Signup Posts Required: 30 Monthly Posts Required: 15 All Packages come with: * cPanel 11 * Fantastico *...
  11. J

    vBPoint.Com | Awesome packages | Low requirements

    Point Webs Networks Inc. vBPoint Free Hosting Packages Hello All, We have introduced free webhosting for our users :o. Anyone can avail this offer irrespective of whether you availed an offer from us earlier. Meaning you can use your existing posts. All Packages come with: cPanel 11...
  12. J

    cP Creator - Your thoughts, your suggestions

    Hello Jonny, I am about to start my free hosting business again and I have tried cP Creator. I shall admit that it is better than some paid ones. Some changes which i would suggest are as follows: 1. The index page title says cP Creator. Why not make it Sitename - cP Creator or Sitename -...
  13. J

    Myorderbox and their great jokes!

    The admin says it is 3.99$ for renewal too :| . Suerly a scam stay away!!
  14. J

    Newest User

    Lol. Yeah, each can come with his own.
  15. J

    Myorderbox and their great jokes!

    [OFFTOPIC] I am really sorry if you think the title of this thread is not appropriate and request you to give a better one because I cant think of any better titles for this thread!! [ENDING OFFTOPIC TALK] As usual today when I was playing around with google search I came to find a myorderbox...
  16. J

    Turning off my vps

    Good Luck Dan and Schmarvin!!
  17. J


    I don't mean deposit 4-5$ i mean th base price 4-5$ let me correct my post. Sorry if confused you.
  18. J


    Hello All, Its me Jovial again after long. Does someone know where i can get domain reseller for wholesale (base) price of 4$-5$ ONLY . The desposit is not a problem but 4-5$ is a must. (Deposit can be even 5000$.)
  19. J

    Domain for sale

    Hello all, I am too busy with my work and cant look after my site. I think its a pretty good domain name and so i just dont want to keep it aside without any use to anyone. So i decided to sell quotapanel.com There has been a webhosting service there. We had good reputation and i closed it...
  20. J

    Why don't they learn English?

    I Agree to you 99% But not in 'eg'case 'eg' stands for exempli gratia (the origin word of example) So i don't think there is any wrong with 'eg' But i do agree 'ex' would be better