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    DigitalWorldhost Closed without any notification

    It's fine and dandy to sit here and blame us for all of the issues, but the truth is, we're the victims here as much as you or any other client. Being shut down 1 week early was NOT our intention (we, too, did not receive an email or any notification), and we ARE, in fact, trying to get the...
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    got a new job

    Meanwhile, can you please let us know when the next shipment of Battletoads is in plz!?
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    your tax dollars at work. Citigroup

    It doesn't matter man. If your company was doing horribly at the moment, wouldn't your first instinct be to get rid of all of your previous luxuries so your company can survive?
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    your tax dollars at work. Citigroup

    *sigh* They even have the guts to boast about it.
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    Happy Lunar New Year!!

    Happy lunar new year, and may the year of the ox also have a positive effect on the stock markets :P.
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    I'm a Pizza Man now

    Haha.. That's hilarious XD
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    I'm a Pizza Man now

    When you go to pickup the pizza? I have never heard of tipping for pickups... I dunno, seems just kind of, unnecessary. I can understand why tipping should be mandatory for delivery, but for pickups as well? What's next? Tipping the public transit bus driver?
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    I'm a Pizza Man now

    Not even waiters and waitresses (at least that's what I heard).
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    Boldeth user ;d

    You have to make 1000 posts and to have joined for 1 year.
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    Dateline NBC: SM Edition
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    With windchill, Ottawa got to as low as -38.2F in the past week (-20.2F without windchill). Still, it was nothing compared to Winnipeg.
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    go with :David It's similar to what Andy did, but you get a smilie face. EDIT: err.. ": David" without the space
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    Hello Ladies

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fucitol That's a good one too :P But this site has some pretty funny molecule names: http://www.chm.bris.ac.uk/sillymolecules/sillymols.htm
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    Icon Graphical Refresh

    Ya, Iyeru was just trying to help by taking away the blur. Nothing wrong with that, I will give Iyeru an e-pat on the back, as that is the best I can do for him (or do you prefer an e-applaud). But that's weird, did you guys just change the favicon back to the blue one a few days ago...
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    When should I get my next haircut?

    Some girls prefer guys w/ long hair, some prefer short hair. If you are just doing this for the chicks, then you can't really know for sure. If you are considering chopping it off because it gets in the way (aka sweaty during sports and such), I'd say do it. But in all honesty, your hair is...
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    100% Failure rate??

    They got you trapped man. There's no escaping from "the list."
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    What would you do?

    He's probably bluffing, but once again, trademark the name just in case. Whatever, I doubt you really need to worry about this... Sounds like a good game of poker to me.
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    New bro on the family!

    Wish I had a brother to tortur- I mean, take care of. But, er.. Looks like you I guess? Lol, hard to tell, but ya, congrats man.
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    Mandy, or Man-dy (if you're a guy... Which you are).